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12 May 2019
The Second Constitution

7 May 2019
Joe Biden's
campaign promise
"repeal Trump's tax cuts"

4 May 2019
Facebook's Zuckerberg censors those he disagrees with

3 May 2019
America the Productive
Trump was right!

3 May 2019
AG Barr's investigation
feared by powerful Dems

2 May 2019
Americas' oldest footprint

1 May 2019
World's first
trillion-dollar company!

1 May 2019
World's oldest mummies

26 April 2019
US GDP up 3.2%
for 1st quarter 2019

26 April 2019
China approves Trump's
trade-war demands

25 April 2019
FBI found Hillary's emails
in Obama White House

23 April 2019
Chalking tires is
4th Amendment issue

21 April 2019
Coverup on Clinton emails

21 April 2019
Facts belie
Climate-Change "pundits"

19 April 2019
Best market
for new college grads
in years

16 April 2019
EU trying to remold Internet with copyright law

14 April 2019
Why America is great

13 April 2019
Patriots' Day

11 April 2019
Bad day for the Democrats
Bad deeds coming to light

10 April 2019
Ancient hominin species found in Phillippines

8 April 2019
April 7-13
National Library Week

7 April 2019
"We’ve come to demand freedom and democracy"

6 April 2019
Polar Bears population
quadrupled in past 50 years

3 April 2019
Talk of Socialism
"offends me"
says House Dem

2 April 2019
Space Station in danger
from India test debris

2 April 2019
Illegal use of campaign funds by Rep. Ilhan Omar

1 April 2019
Dinosaur fossils from
time of asteroid impact

1 April 2019
California judge blocks ban on high-capacity magazines

29 March 2019
World's major religions

28 March 2019
Pelosi sets Dems' direction
CNN falls into line

27 March 2019
How Mueller's report
exposed the Deep State

27 March 2019
EU copyright law passed
'dark day for freedom'

26 March 2019
Senate votes 0-57
against Green New Deal

26 March 2019
Discovery may explain
why universe exists

25 March 2019
See who started
phony Russia probe

25 March 2019
Sen. Graham to Comey
See you soon

25 March 2019
Big meteor explosion

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Pisgah Inn Restaurant, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, 3 May 2014

Enroute from South Carolina to Pennsylvania at 9,000 feet, 14 October 2017

At Peoria Airport in Illinois, 24 June 2017, enroute to Iowa, to refuel and see my sister Daryl

At Gibby's in Montreal, Quebec, for dinner with our hosts, 4 August 2018 - Jenny, Rhoda, Scott, Emily Ashley, Benny

Rhoda at the Passerelle Bistro, Greenville, South Carolina - one of the world's most romantic restaurants

From the 2019 Greenville County GOP Convention Program