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30 January 2018
CancerSEEK test to detect
eight forms of cancer

20 June 2018
FBI altered testimony
in documents to DOJ IG

19 June 2018
Dems thrive
on ignorance

15 June 2018
FBI's Comey deleted
emails - just like Hillary

12 June 2018
North Korea agrees
to de-nucleaize!

11 June 2018
Nikki Haley's
key role at UN
in North Korea talks

11 June 2018
Is Pelosi
a GOP secret agent?

8 June 2018
Pelosi downplays
high employment,
upbeat economy

8 June 2018
France, Canada
berating Trump
before G7 Summit

8 June 2018
NASA finds building blocks of life on Mars

6 June 2018
Climate Change is dead!

4 June 2018
Antifa goons attack
pro-Trump rally

1 June 2018
Trump cuts 24,000 Fed jobs
Lowest unemployment
Wages are up
Capitalism beats Socialism

1 June 2018
US oil production new high
Socialized Mexican oil fails
Capitalism beats Socialism

25 May 2018
Soros attacks
American legal system

22 May 2018
FBI not only agency
to go after Trump

22 May 2018
"They destroyed
the FBI and DOJ"

14 May 2018
U.S Embassy in Jerusalem!

13 May 2018
Big wins for Trump
media just hates it

13 May 2018
Democrats boo God
show hatred of America

13 May 2018
About that FBI "source"

10 May 2018
Lowest unemployment
since December 1969

7 May 2018
Illinois counties
gun owner sanctuaries

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Enroute from South Carolina to Pennsylvania at 9,000 feet, 14 Oct. 2017

Pisgah Inn, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC, 3 May 2014

At Peoria Airport 24 June 2017 enroute to Iowa, to refuel and see my sister Daryl

Cass Scenic Railway, on Bald Knob, WV, 28 October 2016