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23 February 2019
Bernie Sanders
advocate for dictators

21 February 2019
FBI Counsel:
Hillary's emails behavior
alarming and appalling

14 February 2019
Finland's Socialist experiment a failure

13 February 2019
Mueller probe
'one of the greatest frauds
in US history'

11 February 2019
Forecast - bullish for 2019
slower growth for decade

11 February 2019
Antifa assaulter tied to Democrat policy-makers

9 February 2019
Federal Court orders discovery on Clinton
email, Benghazi

9 February 2019
"Living in a Socialist country was miserble"

8 February 2019
Study of Human Genome
Finds Unknown Human Ancestor

8 February 2019
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez
is a joke

8 February 2019
Modern liberalism is
all about hypocrisy

6 February 2019
President Trump
State of the Union
speech rocks the House

4 February 2019
President Trump
"is an amzingly good listener."

3 February 2019
How Socialism failed Venezuela

2 February 2019
U.S. Economy continues to grow; beats expectations

29 January 2019
Cure for Cancer
in one year?

27 January 2019
Europe "coming apart
before our eyes"

26 January 2019
China's economy decelerating
thanks to President's tariffs

25 January 2019
Hundreds of thousands
riot against Socialism
in Venezuela

25 January 2019
Anti-Semitism in
socialist Venezuela

24 January 2018
Railroads say economy
still steadily growing

24 January 2019
Ousting Maduro
Venezuela's two presidents

16 January 2019
Brexit foiled
by bureaucrats?

12 January 2019
EU News:
Brexit, Electric Cars

4 January 2018
312,000 new jobs
record employment
for December 2018

3 January 2018
Brazil Pres against crime and leftwing ideology

3 January 2018
Democrats lurch Left

3 January 2018
You don't matter to Romney, status-quo RINOs

2 January 2018
NASA Photos of
Ultima Thule
4 Billion Miles Away

31 December 2018
Finally!   A Supreme Court
to interpret the Constitution
as intended

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Pisgah Inn, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, 3 May 2014

Enroute from South Carolina to Pennsylvania at 9,000 feet, 14 October 2017

At Peoria Airport in Illinois, 24 June 2017, enroute to Iowa, to refuel and see my sister Daryl

At Gibby's in Montreal, Quebec, for dinner, 4 August 2018 - Jenny, Rhoda, Scott, Emily Ashley, Benny

At the SCBC fly-in at Aiken Airport, South Carolina, on January 6th, 2019, with over 70 other airplanes