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10 December 2018
Voyager 2 enters
interstellar space

10 December 2018
EU News:   Brexit
and "Decarbonization"

9 December 2018
EU's "new world order"
in tatters

4 December 2018
Hillary wants Trump
to win again

2 December 2018
Tax Riots in Paris

23 November 2018
Meeting of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change

22 November 2018
Trump's tariffs working,
creating jobs

16 November 2018
New York vs NRA
First Amendment Rights
case to go forward

7 November 2018
GOP takes the Senate
Dems take the House

5 November 2018
Senate report on Kavanaugh allegations

3 November 2018
Britain's Socialized Medicine Mess

31 October 2018
First sighting of
Milky Way's black hole

30 October 2018
Want to see downturn?
Vote for Dems

25 October 2018
Free Speech in the EU
except when there isn't

24 October 2018
Dems' opinions
on illegal immigration
before President Trump

23 October 2018
Growing up surrounded by books increases skills

21 October 2018
Forecasting your life-span

20 October 2018
China's dictator
undoing recent advances

18 October 2018
Judge says State Dept. lied to protect Hillary

16 October 2018
Missouri Sen. McCaskill
hides agenda from voters

14 October 2018
McConnell on Trump:
"I look at the results."

13 October 2018
Trump's 289 accomplishments
in his first 20 months

13 October 2018
British losing freedoms
bite by bite

12 October 2018
Trump nominates 3
for Ninth Circuit Court

11 October 2018
EU impoverishing populace with restrictions

8 October 2018
Hillary working to undermine American government

8 October 2018
Don't miss these great new political cartoons!

7 October 2018
President Trump's
remarkable week

6 October 2018
It's Justice Kavanaugh!

6 October 2018
President Trump's
winning streak

6 October 2018
Senator Susan Collins' speech, the GOP, and America

2 October 2018
US stocks a better buy

27 September 2018
Growth of populist parties
in Europe

26 September 2018
Trump speaks out
on Dem mob-rule tactics

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Pisgah Inn, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, 3 May 2014

Enroute from South Carolina to Pennsylvania at 9,000 feet, 14 October 2017

At Peoria Airport in Illinois, 24 June 2017, enroute to Iowa, to refuel and see my sister Daryl

At Gibby's in Montreal, Quebec, for dinner, 4 August 2018 - Jenny, Rhoda, Scott, Emily Ashley, Benny

At the SCBC fly-in at Bshopville Airport, South Carolina, 11 November 2018