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21 September 2018
Strong Stock Market
Reflects Strong Economy

14 September 2018
Minimum Wage = Layoffs
Socialist policy fails again

14 September 2018
Fewer severe hurricanes

13 September 2018
Traitor John Kerry
consorts with Iran

13 September 2018
Middle-class income
all-time high in 2017

11 September 2018
EU news
Brexit and legislation

11 September 2018
Economic Arteries

10 September 2018
Do you believe in magic, Obama?

10 September 2018
Obama still does not get it

21 August 2018
Soros Facebook Twitter collusion censorship

18 August 2018
Same old Communist China - abuse and killing

18 August 2018
25th, 26th Trump judges approved

7 August 2018
Climate alarmists fall flat on their faces

4 August 2018
Socialist Venezuela shows why government control never works

3 August 2018
U.S. unemployment 3.9%
lowest in 50 years

3 August 2018
U.S. GDP 3rd qtr 5%?

25 July 2018
U.S. Economic Growth
drives World Economic Growth

25 July 2018
Liquid-water lake
on Mars

24 July 2018
Ninth Circuit rules
right to carry arms
in public areas

22 July 2018
Obama behind entire
Russia wtchhunt

20 July 2018
This marks the end
of gun control

19 July 2018
Even Dems admit
Socialist vision
would bankrupt U.S.

18 July 2018
More tax cuts coming?

17 July 2018
Economy growing
considerably stronger

15 July 2018
CO2 in US reduced
CO2 in EU increased
free market beats socialism

15 July 2018
Latest EU
Economic Update Report

13 July 2018
Russian GRU spies indicted

12 July 2018
Leftist thug Strzok
testifies to Congress

09 July 2018
Trump's Supreme Court

08 July 2018
The Left - against
the First Amendment

07 July 2018
Economy going great!
Dems say that's bad

06 July 2018
Trump on target
in China trade war

05 July 2018
The Left - explicitly
against Free Speech

04 July 2018
Independence Day

01 July 2018
Witnessing Evolution of
attempted Socialist coup

01 July 2018
Left in panic
freedom may prevail

        30 January 2018          
CancerSEEK test to detect
    eight forms of cancer      

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Enroute from South Carolina to Pennsylvania at 9,000 feet, 14 Oct. 2017

Pisgah Inn, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC, 3 May 2014

At Peoria Airport 24 June 2017 enroute to Iowa, to refuel and see my sister Daryl

In Montreal, 4 August 2018

At Gibby's in Montreal for dinner, 4 August 2018 - Jenny, Rhoda, Scott, Emily Ashley, Benny