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This website began in 2009 as two websites, and ScottsChoice.US (now deactivated). was devoted to a small software business.   It is now the primary webpage for my writing.

Eventually, a website for weather data, was added (now replaced by Your Weather Center).   As a pilot, I was constantly accessing a number of websites for weather, and it became impossible to keep that list updated, especially on the various PCs and iPads from which I needed to access it.   It became much easier to simply put it all on a single website, and thus have only one website URL to remember.   The weather website covers weather all over the world, and in detail for the U.S. and Canada.

ScottsChoice.US was devoted to politics and news.   It served as the home page for political commentary and analysis, but also provided access to the news webpages, all of which are now reached from the Home webpage.  The various news pages include a News webpage, a European News webpage, a Science, Medical, and Technology News webpage, and others that are kept up to date with the appropriate current events.   All of those are listed in the News menu at the top of the Home webpage, along with most other webpages.

The logo   Scott's Choice ©   originated sometime in the mid-1990s, as my copyright name for Christmas cards, etc., that I put together and mailed out.   Here you can see it on the back of our 2004 Christmas card, on the left; the picture at right was the front side of the card.

"Scott's Choice" is fundamentally an implicit political statement - that I believe in freedom.
I mean it to be taken as asserting and proclaiming the right of every individual to freely choose how he will live his life; that a proper government exists only because it is established, authorized, and run by its citizens, with its sole purpose being to protect their rights, and that tyranny is criminal and has no right to exist, and must be destroyed.

Here is the full list of all webpage links currently in use.   Website URLs on the same line go to the same webpage.

ScottCrosby.Info ScottCrosby.Net

www.ScottCrosby.Info   www.ScottCrosby.Net    
Writing.ScottCrosby.Info   Writing.ScottCrosby.Net  
Weather.ScottCrosby.Info   Weather.ScottCrosby.Net    
Climate.ScottCrosby.Info   Climate.ScottCrosby.Net    
Politics.scottcrosby.Info   Politics.ScottCrosby.Net    
News.ScottCrosby.Info   News.ScottCrosby.Net    
Science.ScottCrosby.Info   Science.ScottCrosby.Net    
Socialism.ScottCrosby.Info   Socialism.ScottCrosby.Net    
Patriotism.ScottCrosby.Info   Patriotism.ScottCrosby.Net    
Books.ScottCrosby.Info   Books.ScottCrosby.Net    
Photos.ScottCrosby.Info   Photos.ScottCrosby.Net    
Flying.ScottCrosby.Info   Flying.ScottCrosby.Net    
Hillsborough.ScottCrosby.Info   Hillsborough.ScottCrosby.Net    
Calendar.ScottCrosby.Info   Calendar.ScottCrosby.Net    
385-85.ScottCrosby.Info   385-85.ScottCrosby.Net    

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That is my initials - "SC" - in humanity's first written langauge
Sumerian cuneiform, circa 3000 B.C.

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