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See more about current-day slavery here.

Bella Hadid shares coronavirus do's and don'ts while eating burrito topless.

Keep Iowa Great!

Democrats seem to have a problem understanding the Rule of Law
Remember when these TV shows were news media, and not propaganda & lies?

And we should not forget how wrong Mini Mike Bloomberg is about 19-year-olds ...

Comic Relief   -   "Tweet, tweet!"

Don't even think about stealing her virtue.

Of course, if they were in control,
they would destroy the country.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters gets displayed on a billboard

Dilbert salutes the media!

Dilbert salutes false science and the climate scientists on government payrolls!

Don't miss our webpage on Climate Change! Understand the issues and facts.

Don't miss our webpage on Hillary Clinton.

Don't miss our webpage on Hillary Clinton.

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