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27 November 2017

See the lists of President Trump's accomplishments, at .

2 November 2017

The American Dream is back!   82% have achieved it or are on their way to it
Three years after 60% of Americans said their dream of a great life was unachievable
Well, of course.   That was Obama and Clinton.   This is Trump.

19 October 2017

Unemployment at lowest point since 1973 - 44 years
- No Democrat malaise; The Trump Economy, Making America Greater

17 October 2017

President Trump: "Confidence in America is back!"

6 October 2017

Trump on Twitter yesterday:
"Stock Market hits an ALL-TIME high! Unemployment lowest in 16 years! Business and manufacturing enthusiasm at highest level in decades!"
Making America Greater!

Trump administration rolls back ObamaCare contraceptive mandate

    Freedom!     Obama's era of oppression and imposing his will are at an end!

"No American should be forced to violate his or her own conscience in order to abide by the laws and regulations governing our healthcare system," said HHS press secretary Caitlin Oakley. "Today's actions affirm the Trump administration's commitment to upholding the freedoms afforded All Americans under our Constitution."

28 September 2017

Making America Greater! - Quarterly GDP up 3.1%, vs. expected 3%

20 September 2017

Making America Great Again!   We Build Prosperity!

Warren Buffet Says People Who Are Pessimistic About the U.S. Are "Out of Their Mind"
"Being short America has been a loser's game. I predict to you it will continue to be a loser's game."

13 September 2017

Making America Great Again!   The Rebound continues!

Median income up - the highest ever!
This is what Making America Great Again is all about!

Wall Street has jumped $2 Trillion since Trump took office!
Have you noticed how well your 401k or IRA is doing this year?
This is what Making America Great Again is all about!

This teacher got it soo-o-o wrong!   It's about freedom and prosperity!
Make America Great Again!

We are building that!

To all the pople who believed what the media said, and failed to think in-depth for themselves: What did you think it meant, to Make America Great Again?

8 August 2017

The Dow's record-setting rally continues!
- Americans continue to shake off the years of Obama socialism!

"Bullishness" Investor Movement Index reaches an all-time high
Americans continue to rebound from Obama years
- putting their money into America!
(click here to read more about the Investor Movement Index)

This is pent-up growth held back by Obama, combined with the fear that Hillary would take the Presidency and add to his destructive policies.

This all-time record rally of the stock market is a crushing defeat of everything Obama and Hillary stood for, and a total rejection of everything they sought to impose on Americans!

This is what a rebound looks like: Job openings surge to all-time record

Get thee behind me, Obama!

This is Americans making up for lost time!

26 July 2017

Check out this article:
The "Fear Index" is something I like to watch. Check on it by watching the symbol "VIX". If it goes below 10.0, that indicates unusual calm / lack of fear - for whatever reason: political, economic, conflict, whatever.

That makes it a good gauge (i.e., far better than the media!) of how people are really feeling - a true Delphic Oracle. Who cares how they feel? We all should; how people feel sure does certainly swing the Dow Index into turbulent change.

And VIX - the Fear Index - is at a 23 year low.

That means people generally are more confident of things generally than at any time since the mid-1990s (about the middle of Bill Clinton's first term as President, and the GOP took over Congress).

23 July 2017

Gorka: America is back! with the first 6 months of Trump

Great quotes from the article:

When America withdraws from the world, and when we apologize for our civilizational values and our culture, those who have other values will step into the vacuum and eventually endanger us and our allies, undermining peace globally. That is why the Obama years saw the invasion of Crimea, the collapse of the Middle East and the rise of ISIS, the use of chemical weapons in Syria, an increasingly belligerent Iran, and China spreading its military, political and economic influence worldwide.

"America first" does not mean "America alone."

30 June 2017

The state of the U.S. economy reflects not only the current well-being of people in general but also their hopes and dreams for the future, and their expectations for the chances and opportunities for success. The economy is a measure of the present and an outlook on the future.

What effect did President Obama have? What effect is President Trump having?

I have maintained for about five years now that throughout the Obama Presidency, as a direct consequence of his socialist policies and direction on people's choices and actions, businesses made the strategic decision to move more cautiously and to minimize their investments.

Because they were unsure of their future viability, and because they were even unsure of America's viability, they reduced their risk level, perceiving an increased risk of potential loss in making investments. The amount of speculative, higher-risk, aggressive investment was reduced. Companies worked to maintain their market share against their competitors, but little more. Growth occurred, but it was hesitant and unsure of the future. Corporate money that was overseas was deliberately kept there, out of reach of the crippling effects and decline of a potentially-socialist U.S., and more: where it remained available to support overseas commercial development and viability away from American shores, if events proved that to be necessary. The stock market reflected those strategies; it showed a steady but inexplicably slow recovery and growth after the 2008 recession. The recovery was inarguably muted, and could even be called reluctant.

Obama's intent to transition the U.S. away from freedom and towards a socialist dictatorship was undeniably obvious. The Democratic Party and the media were clearly in lockstep. Did that reflect the thinking of the populace as well? Would the voters of the U.S. reject his Presidency, or would the next President follow in his footsteps? The 2012 Election, with its lackluster and ineffectual GOP candidate, seemed to be a dark omen.

What would the voters do in 2016? What did they want? Did they understand the choice they faced? Or would they be seduced by promises made in the name of socialism? Might they be forcibly coerced by riots and violent protests? Would the tools of the 1916-1917 Russian Revolution work in 2016-2017 America?

The choices in 2016 were clear; the lines were explicitly drawn. The election was a squeaker. But the Electoral College did exactly what the Founding Fathers designed it to do: preserved the nation against concentrated interests in a few powerful states. The socialists were bollixed, and while their programs were not perhaps as thoroughly and as quickly jettisoned as might be hoped, they were derelict; the energy and drive that propelled them departed with the outgoing Administration.

The stock market seemed to like the result. From the week of the Election it began going up, but what was it saying? With nearly eight months since, we can now not only note the 17% growth in the Dow during that period, but also note the change in the sheer volume of traded stock:

(from, 19 June 2017)

The two graphs above say it all:
* the huge drop in trade volume at the start of the Obama years,
* the steady decline in trade volume throughout the Obama Presidency,
* the restoration of pre-Obama trade volume levels immediately following the Election,
* the 17%-plus rise in the Dow since the election,
can only mean two things:
(1) that people want their prosperous future, are once again confident of that future, and they are investing time, money, and effort into building it, and
(2) those people are driving America's businesses to do likewise.

And as to the Government? Get out of the way!

America is back! Big and bold, capitalist, driven-to-build America is once again on the move. Economic (i.e., personal) growth is bursting out all over. The naive flirtation with socialism and its making beggars-to-government of once-prosperous people is behind us - for now; it is a lesson each generation must re-learn. Americans are once again reaching for their hopes and their dreams - once again endeavoring to build the world as they always have.

Yes, we did build that (a certain naysayer to the contrary not withstanding) and we will keep building it. Freedom builds a better world!

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