Heroes - Nemeses of the Left

16 September 2021

Art – Not for the Left

Ever notice the Left never has any real art?  The Left has symbols, and slogans galore, even occasionally, the statue erected by a dictator of himself, constructed by order of that dictator (who after his death is criticized for creating a “personality cult”), but never Art.

Now that is odd; why should that be?

What are Heroes Made Of?

Let’s start with heroes.  What do Heroes have to do with Art?

Heroes are symbolic.  They have strong, exemplary attributes:  courage; integrity; self-assuredness; they are independent; they reason; they think things through; they come up with new ideas; they never panic, they never let their emotions rule them; they stand out in a crowd; they always stand tall; they are proud, and they endeavor to do only things of which they can be proud; they take charge; they lead, but they never dictate; they never take over; they strive; they never quit; they take responsibility; they have purpose; they plan; they never give up; they win.  They are not angels; they are not perfect; they are Men and Women.  But they always work to do things just a little better than they had before.  And that is the point.

Heroes have the character traits that good people want to have.

Heroes symbolize the ultimate; the types of human beings each of us want to be; to strive for; to become.  Symbolizing, Heroes become Art.  Fictional heroes are endowed with all the best human attributes, because each of us wants to be better at each one of the attributes which they portray.  Heroes give us goals to reach for; to strive for.  Heroes are so great that, no matter what we accomplish, we can look at them, and know there is still more; still further we can grow.  Heroes help us to understand that our efforts are and must be a life-long pursuit; that there is never a plateau to be reached, with no further effort expected nor required.  We can each say to ourselves, "Reaching this level is good; but there is further to go.”  As long as we live, part of life is taking that next step, the striving to improve a bit more, to go a bit further, or in a new way.

Heroes’ great sum of qualities tell us that, having achieved some level of those attributes, that the pursuit of those attributes is, will always be, and should be a life-long endeavor.  Heroes tell us that kind of effort is a part of life – that it should be a part of life, every day, day in and day out, as long as we each of us are alive and able to continue.  Heroes show us that the pursuit of those great attributes is an undying, life-long effort.

What Attributes Does the Left Want?

Now think of Leftists; of Marxists:  Socialists; Communists; Nazis; Fascists.  What kinds of attributes do they encourage?

The hallmark of the Left’s actions is the mob – the riotous, unthinking, mass of people bent on destruction.  Destruction of what?  It matters not.  Are the sculptures they tear down of good people, or bad?  It matters not.  It is the destruction that is important – the tearing down of an existing culture, piece by piece; the destruction of its symbols, the striking of fear into the rest of us – those who are not part of the mob, the slow resignation and acceptance of its citizens, while creating a feeling of unification within the mob.  The goal is to destroy, while unifying support.  The Left’s motive is to seize power.

The means to power – how it gets done, and how the pawns get used – is irrelevant.

The mob has no stand-out individuals;  those who hold power over the mob are never apparent.  You can never know who they are by observing the mob.  Those with power over the mob simply instigate it.  They incite the mob to actions, feed the insecurities, feed their sociopathic faults and traits, until as a seething, irrational mass, the mob becomes a virtually-unstoppable tidal force.  Creating such a mob is a delight to Leftists.

The mob has no heroes; it has no need of them.  More to the point, the Left has no need of heroes.  As instigators of the mob, they do not want heroes.  They want blind mobs.  They want unthinking, slogan-reciting, jacked-up, emotion-driven, mindless, obedient followers.

Go down the list of heroes’ attributes.  They are neither useful nor welcome in a mob; they would get in the way of the effort exerted by the mob’s ringleaders, by the rabble rousers, by the instigators, by the demagogic agitators – by the Leftists.

Courage?  The mob does not need courage; its seething mass is the power of a group of nameless, unthinking tools, honed by the Leftist organizer into a weapon.

Integrity?  How can any individual hold himself to a standard for his actions, without breaking away from the mob?  The instant he has integrity, his actions will be his own; he ceases to be a part of a larger group.  The American Revolutionaries were united by their own choices, based on their own convictions, formed by their eduction, uniting and coordinating their efforts towards a common goal.  Mobs, in contrast are based on emotion and on fervor, not education.  Mindless obedience to those in control is the measure of the puppets in a mob.

Love of your spouse?  Love of your family?  The Left demands that you hold it and its goals above your own self, above your feelings for your spouse and family, and certainly above your feelings for your friends.  The Left allows for no divided loyalties.  The Left wants the untinking, unencumbered loyalty of an ignorant mob.

Self-assuredness?  Independence?  Self-assuredness requires independent thinking – the very antithesis of being a part of a mob.  Thinking is neither required nor desirable if one is to flow with the movement and actions of a mob.  Being part of a mob is to be a stooge, a lackey for the sake of a mob.  But who organized a mob?  Who gave it impetus?  Who got it started?  Being a part of a mob is being the lackey and stooge for that person in control; to let him have the power to say what you will do.

Reasoning?  Thinking things through?  Mobs do not reason.  There is no time for the individuals in the mob to be individuals; to reason; to think.  If you were to stop to think, you would get run over by the flow of the part of the mob behind you; at best, you would be left behind as the mob flowed past you and continued on its way.  Then you would have to think, to decide what you are going to do; to know why you do whatever comes next.  Or you can avoid having to do that; you can just stay with the mob.

New ideas?  Who needs ideas in a mob?  Its provocateurs tell you what to do; where to go.  They gave you slogans and signs, to tell you what to think.  Who needs to come up with ideas beyond that?

Panic?  Why panic with a mass of people all around you?  Why panic when the group of you can overcome any single person’s would-be resistance?  Why not be a part of a mob, and cause those other people to fear you?

Let emotions rule you?  What can be more exciting than just getting swept in the moment?  Swept up in the sheer flow and mass of destruction produced by the energy of a mob?

Stand out in a crowd?  People who stand out are singled out.  Why let yourself be in a position where you would be subjected to such treatment?  Better to assimilate yourself into the mob.

Stand tall?  Mobs of people never stand tall; much better is to look like hulking monsters, driving fear into those people in the mob’s path.

Responsibility? Those in a mob do not want responsibility; the want to act without the responsibility for their actions.  They want a free-for-all – with themselves being uncontrolled, unrestrained, and able to act in any destructive way they feel like acting, without being held accountable for those actions.

Proud?  Who needs to be proud?  Will that give you more food tomorrow?  A puppet or a lackey makes no connection to pride in what he does.

Take charge?  Take over?  Why do that?  Let someone else figure out tough details like that.  Just follow the herd; be part of a mob, destroying everything in its path.  Who cares what it is?  This is power.

Never quit?  What is that all about?  After the riot, just go home.  Get drunk; get high.  What a big feeling to be part of a mob!  And with any luck, we will do it again tomorrow night!

These are the attributes the Left looks for.  The Left needs unthinking stooges and dupes.  It has nothing more to offer than the mob; to individuals, it has nothing to offer.  Promise them anything, but give them … nothing.  Who cares? They will be dead or will have forgotten the promises by the time this is all over.  And the Left will be in control.  Who cares what the puppets think, at that point?

Those who controlled the mob will have the power they wanted – the power to wipe out any protests, any would-be marchers, any rioters – done with a casual order to their henchmen and thugs.  The sullen mob has now become mindless drudges, slaving away at dreary, menial jobs they have been ordered and assigned to take.  They were losers before, and losers they remain.

And those now in power will have the power to wipe out the heroes; to wipe out the symbols of personal attributes that might give some people ideas about what is possible – to wipe out anything that might help some people realize how those in power have condemned them to their miserable living conditions, and that something could be done about it.  Those attributes might be rallying points for some to organize … against those in power – now, the Leftists.

Those Leftists who led the mob must now make sure it remains numbly subservient.

Those attributes – human virtues – are the nemeses of those who wish to hold masses of people in their power.

Leftists want masses of people – masses that can be manipulated with a single command.  Leftists want conformity; submission; surrender; pliability; servility; giving in to their will; Leftists want people who will abase themselves; who will allow themselves to be herded like cattle.  Above all, Leftists want obedience.  Leftists want subordinated underlings; Leftists want slovenly minions who can be controlled.

Leftists want martyrs – dead people who died for their masters, who can be used to drive greater numbers of unthinking mobs.

There is no grandeur for the Left, no achievement, no desire for either.  There is no cause celebre for those who might stand out.  Those things would only disrupt the efforts of those in power, and interrupt their desire to dictate to those under their control.

That the result will be cultural decline and regression to a lifestyle ever more barbaric is not a matter of interest, not a matter of concern, to the Leftist.  Power is his (or her) only goal.

No Heroes – and No Art, for the Left

Having consider the highest human attributes, we can now easily realize why the Left has no Art.

Art is full of expressions of human attributes.  Art we like has some desirable attribute reflected in its subject matter.  If you do not want people to consider higher attributes, to have the desire to achieve those higher attributes, then Art is a bad influence on people.

The more the mob does not think of all those high attributes, the less it will occur to them to express them; to search for them; to see them, and to realize what they are seeing (thanks to the Leftists) instead.

And so there are fewer artists, and less Art.  People who accept the Left’s agenda produce less  Art expressing great Attributes, and so there is less Art someone might like and enjoy.  Enjoyment and appreciation are not goals of the Left.

Certainly, great Heroes will not be found in that Art.

Destroying Art that has Meaning

Heroes expressed in Art must be destroyed, to remove the symbols that represent the highest ambitions of people.  The Left wants no symbols that will inspire people.  What symbols might they be?

Destroy the Heroes of history – the great people who individually or together built or helped sustain the foundation of a culture or civilization into the greatness it has become.  Nit-pick on character traits; on individuals’ faults and flaws.  Everyone has flaws; use those flaws against them.  Find excuses to denigrate those real-life heroes.

Focusing on the flaws, rather than on the achievements of a person, tells you more about the person doing the focusing than it does about the object of their derision.

People are not Angels; they cannot be perfect.  “Perfect” applied to humans is a meaningless term.  Human nature guarantees that imperfections exist.  Simply being different from one another is an “imperfection”:  I like what I like; but you do not.  What distinguishes one “imperfect“ human being compared to another is their striving to improve – not just themselves, but the world as a whole; that they work to make a better world for the coming generations.  What is “better”?  The answer is not so obscure or difficult to perceive, or different from one person to the next.

Great achievements advance the well-being of everyone – except the designs of those who simply seek power over others.  Great achievements construct; they do not destroy.

What was acceptable at one time is often unacceptable by the standard of another time, and to be considered in the light of that different time, would be “moving the goal posts”.  By taking events out of context, or ignoring the context, or actively disregarding it, the “facts” become irrelevant.  Facts require context to have meaning.  Events taken out of context lose their meaning, and events removed to a different context can “illustrate” something having nothing to do with reality.

Destroying the credibility of those heroic individuals destroys heroism as such. Their “feet of clay” are all that remain.  And in destroying them, their creations and their accomplishments are taken down with them; they are likewise destroyed.

The Left knows it cannot compare to great achievements.  It has none; the Left has only power, and destruction.  The ability to destroy is not the ability to create.  The very nature of the Left requires the destruction of great achievements for its own survival – and the survival of the Left is itself destructive of everything it engulfs.  The Left knows it cannot withstand a reasoned comparison with achievement; so achievements must be destroyed.

At whom does the Left take its most careful aim?

The Left denounces actors like John Wayne who portrayed heroic individuals, in movies people enjoyed, and still enjoy.  Without doubt he had flaws; he was human.  Nevertheless, his portrayals were far above the actions of the mobs – and the good world he sought for everyone is far beyond the goals of the Leftist instigators of the mobs.

The Left denounces the “American Experiment” – that of self-government, since the founding of the first colonies, had included spreading power so thinly, among so many different divisions of government, in an effort to keep power so limited by amy one person or group, that no one part of government could so strongly gather in the reins of power as would make it able to exist beyond the citizens’ reach and ability to control it.

Such complex thoughts are impossibly beyond the ken of mindless mobs, and self-government is contrary to the interests of would-be Leftist dictators.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

By destroying the great people of history, and so destroying what they brought into existence, the Left makes it easier to control education, to destroy the current-day way of life, and peoples’ personal standards – both a result of the impact of those great peoples’ efforts, and both being impediments to the Left’s own pursuit of power, and their own efforts to achieve control.  People forget what has happened in the past; the lessons of history must be retaught by each generation to the next.  The lessons of history must be learned anew by each new generation.

The lessons of history should serve to warn them against the would-be dictators.  By destroying history, by destroying the links to the past, by controlling the mob, the Left opens the way to their own seizure of power.  When historical comparisons are no longer possible, there is no measure, no gauge by which their actions can be judged; there is no basis for criticism.

So one of the first axioms of power is to obtain control of education; to form new, ever more revisionist ways to teach history.  The Leftist protesters of the 1960s became the college professors and school teachers of the 1980s – training and building millions of young minds in the Left’s own image, while President Ronald Reagan was putting the final nails in the coffin of that paragon of Leftist dreams, the Soviet Union.  Leftists would build a new tyranny in the land of Freedom itself.

People taught by Leftist educators cannot know that what they were taught are lies; that what they were taught was corrupted fabrications of the truth.  Those people, acting on what they were taught, cannot know that the actions they take doom everyone to tyranny; that bowing to the Leftists’ control will doom them, their children, and unknown numbers of subsequent generations to misery.

Without the knowledge from the lessons history has to offer, people cannot know that, were someone else to seize control, to steal power from the Leftists, were someone else able to replace today’s tyrant, that prosperity would not be likely to follow; that freedom cannot be expected to return as a result.

People will not likely know that freedom and the resulting development and growth of prosperity require a certain specific kind of government, with certain characteristics and modes of operation, and that that kind of government is neither obvious nor simple to implement.

Without a level of learning that is on the scale of the education received by America’s Founding Fathers, people will not know what the requirements are to build a government which can ensure Freedom for the present and for future generations; their efforts would fail.

People will not likely know what “Freedom” truly is, what it means, what it requires, and what it implies.

People will not likely know the many attributes of Heroes, and their crucial importance to the existence of Freedom and prosperity.

People will have to rediscover Art – to relearn that Art is the expression of the Heroic; of the best; of the world as it should be, and can be.

People will not likely know that the attributes of Heroes can be achieved by each person; that Freedom and prosperity are built upon each person having those great attributes, to the degree that is possible for each one – and that he strives to achieve a little more with every tomorrow.

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