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News for 1 January 2019 through 30 June 2019 - Click here for current news.

30 June 2019

Senate makes House 'eat it' in border funding fight, as liberals fume at 'betrayal'
        Learn what a "PQ" vote is.

Trump meets Kim in DMZ, becomes first sitting US president to step into Hermit Kingdom — and walks Kim into South Korea — see more details here

Boeing’s 737 Max Software Written By $9-an-Hour Programmers
"It was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code."   Frequently, "it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly."
You get what you pay for, and now it will cost Boeing billions.

Fasicst ANTIFA ordered to pay legal fees for Judicial Watch for frivolous lawsuit

And on the lighter side, AOC continues her silly comments ...
28 June 2019

First half of 2019 is the best in more than twenty years
The S&P 500 is up more than 17% for 2019, heading for the best first half to a year since 1997.

22 June 2019


20 June 2019

US Navy drone shot down by Iranian missile over Strait of Hormuz in 'unprovoked attack,' central command says


Trump administration threatens layoffs in fight to eliminate Office of Personnel Management

The wisdom of AOC continues ...

19 June 2019

Deficits are exploding — over $22 trillion – and neither party seems to care

Four more cheers!   Trump, in 2020 campaign mode, calls Democrats 'radical'
'A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream'

Apollo 11: New website replays first Moon landing mission in real time   See it here.

Rep. Thomas Massie, John Lott: Gun-free zones need to go.
        They are not only ineffective, they're dangerous AOC is at it again ...                                         Where have the Democrats gone?
On the lighter side ...

17 June 2019

Trump's Economic Policies Boost Manufacturing Jobs 400% In First 26 Months vs. Obama's Last 26     (PDF)
"President Obama notably said in June 2016 that manufacturing jobs 'are just not going to come back.'   He said this at a time when manufacturing job growth had flatlined, falling by 31,000 from January of 2016 to when he delivered his pessimistic comments in June of that year." [...] the post-2009 recovery was marked by government intervention at levels not seen since the Great Depression 70 years earlier. [...] with federal regulatory activity at historic highs under President Obama, investors were scared off from making long-term commitments."   Anyone who does not realize that government intervention hurts the economy (which includes all Socialists) does not understand economics.

16 June 2019

Obama State Department At Center of Anti-Trump Coup Cabal

11 June 2019

Thought for the Day:   "an unstoppable force for ultimate justice" — John F. Kennedy, Jr.

And on a lighter note:

10 June 2019

Dem, GOP Congressmen mark D-Day anniversary with Normandy parachute jump

8 June 2019

FBI Dumps More Hillary Related Emails – Providing More Evidence to "Lock Her Up"

Seattle's Minimum Wage Has Been a Disaster, as the City's Own Study Confirms

Politics Trumps Economics

All this humor at AOC's expense may not seem fair.   But she presents such an easy target.

8 June 2019

China's Xi dreams of world dominance by mid-century


7 June 2019

Mexico deploys military to curb migration, reportedly offers major concessions as Trump tariffs loom

Trump suspends tariffs on Mexico after deal on immigration reached

Liberal MSNBC hosts rip Pelosi’s call to jail Trump: 'Stuff we used to see in Pakistan' Pelosi — "incapable of doing deals, she’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person"
"They thought their good friend Bobby Mueller was going to give them a great report and he came out with a report with 13 horrible, angry Democrats who are totally biased against me.   A couple of them worked for Hillary Clinton, they then added five more, also Democrats.   With all of that, two-and-a-half years, think of it, from before I even got elected, they’ve been going after me and they have nothing.   Nancy Pelosi’s a disaster, OK, she’s a disaster and let her do what she wants, you know what?   I think they’re in big trouble because when you look at the kind of crimes that were committed, and I don’t need any more evidence, and I guess from what I’m hearing there’s a lot of evidence coming in."

"If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that. ... We concluded that we would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president committed a crime," Mueller said.
Ever hear of the presumption of innocence?   The law in the U.S. says a person is innocent until proven guilty.   No proof, no guilt; QED.   What Mueller and the other Democrats on his team wished or hoped to find is irrelevant.

Remember The DNC’s Lawsuit Over Russian Collusion?   Trump Campaign Just Used The MUELLER REPORT To Demand They Retract It.


House Rep. Ilhan Omar — found guilty of misuse of campaign funds
Playing fast and loose with the law:
Additional questions about her tax filings have arisen:   "the report revealed Omar and her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015, when Omar was reportedly married to another man.   Omar engaged in a civil marriage with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, and the couple separated in 2011 without formally petitioning for divorce until 2017."
"A sitting congresswoman may have filed EIGHT YEARS of fraudulent, felonious, tax returns."
The results provide "no reassurance to Minnesotans," and the report "raises even more troubling questions."

6 June 2019

Trump, other leaders mark D-Day's 75th anniversary in Normandy, France
President Trump paid stirring homage Thursday to the brave Allied fighters who "stood in the fires of hell" to help turn the tide of World War II, speaking at the edge of Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, where thousands of men stormed the shore 75 years ago in a relentless onslaught that was both a suicide mission and a historic triumph of good over evil.
Hell freezes over as CNN's Jim Acosta and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough praise Trump’s D-Day speech

"I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison." — Nancy Pelosi
        Not just political disagreement; her vicious, irrational hatred exposed


Obama lies about U.S. gun laws

4 June 2019

Lawyer issues warning to Congress on Barr contempt:
        'You are heading into a world of hurt'
House Democrats recently voted at the committee level to hold Barr in contempt for refusing to release a fully unredacted version of the Mueller report and underlying materials.   Turley pointed out, as Barr has in the past, that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure do not allow Barr to disclose the secret grand jury information that was redacted in the previously released version.

Democrats had acknowledged that their subpoena demands were "unworkably overbroad." But it's well-known from Obama and Hillary on down: they don't care about the law.

New Strzok-Page Emails Reveal FBI Gave Special Treatment to Hillary Clinton’s Demands for Email Investigation Information Just Before Election

Internet shutdowns don't make anyone safer — but autocratic governments do it

London Mayor Sadiq Khan seen as ridiculous character, failure in his own city

Stocks jump over two percent as trade tensions ease

Thoughts for the day, from the Clown Princesses — AOC and Ilhan Omar

Veterans walk out after AOC bashes Trump, foreign policy


3 June 2019

Judge tosses House Dems' lawsuit over Trump's use of emergency military funds for border wall

Dem Cory Booker knows the truth about gun violence but cannot say it, or he will lose votes.
In 2012, Senator Cory Booker said, "Listen to me, the people dying in Chicago, the people dying in Newark are not being done with law-abiding gun owners.   We do not need to go after the guns.   A law-abiding, mentally stable American, that's not America’s problem."

Why the UK is suddenly suffering from a physician shortage

President Trump's first day in Britain

Supreme Court Justice Scalia's thoughts on the Constitution and the law and also here

2 June 2019

New poll has great news for Trump ahead of campaign season, bad news for Democrats
        Trump's re-election chances are surging

Former Obama Administration officials caught advising Iran on how to defeat U.S. Foreign Policy
And see this report on Twitter

1 June 2019

Report from Europe — May 2016 in Review

29 May 2019

Build the Wall!
Private group with GoFundMe page just built a mile of Trump’s border wall in 3 DAYS!
Other news sources have also reported it:
From CNN: A private group says it's started building its own border wall using millions donated in GoFundMe campaign
From a local Fox TV station: Private group says it’s started building border wall using millions donated in GoFundMe campaign
But there is also this: Border wall on private land near El Paso lacks necessary permits, local officials say

The real reason Obama intel officials don't want you to know how they spied on Americans
"What could possibly be the justification for keeping all of that secret?   Really, the only justification would be to protect the intel agencies from embarrassment.   That's what they fear.   And that's exactly why the former director of the CIA, John Brennan, and so many others are anxious to preserve the veil of secrecy."

28 May 2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's favoured successor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer sparked outrage on social media on Tuesday with an apparent call for limits to free speech around elections
        And that is how censorship begins . . .

All three new stealthy U.S. destroyers are operational

What is that?!?   Navy pilots report unexplained aerial phenomena

Shortages plague Socialist Cuba

Inside the slums in Venezuela's Socialist paradise

27 May 2019

Jason Chaffetz on Trump impeachment push:
        Democrats reached conclusions, now they are 'in search of facts'

In EU voting, dominant centrist Parties lose big-time to the Nationalists, Greens
        In the UK, the newly-formed Brexit Party soared to victory,
        gaining 28 seats amid massive losses for Conservatives and Labour

On autopilot:
        'Pilots are losing their basic flying skills,' some fear after Boeing 737 Max crashes

26 May 2019

Jon Voight declares Trump 'greatest president since Abraham Lincoln'


'Has made his every move correct' ...
The Academy Award-winning actor praised the president’s decision-making skills and positive impact on the country while "battling the left and their absurd words of destruction."

Strzok-Page texts sound 'like a coup,' could be 'treason'
"[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right?   Right?!”   Page texted Strzok.
“No.   No he won’t.   We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

Sen. Graham — "The only ones against releasing Russia probe details are worried about being exposed"

Europe's voters elect new parliament amid rising nationalism
        Voters against EU Socialist bureaucrats


Thousands in Hong Kong commemorate 1989 Tiananmen protests

CrossFit quits Facebook, Instagram,
      accuses social media giant of censorship, being 'utopian socialists'

    See Climate Change Debunked

25 May 2019

Brennan, Clapper lash out at Trump for declassifying 2016 election intel
        Any excuse to criticise the President — they are scared of being convicted.


24 May 2019

Trump moves to escalate investigation of intel agencies
        and tells intelligence community to stop stonewalling
        Now it's a race.
Gridlock first, then down the impeachment road
        The attempted coup against President Trump is still very much alive,
            with increased urgency, before coup conspirators get indicted and convicted.
But wait ...
        "Lock 'em up" Dems seeking to jail Trump Admin officials face big obstacles
There is “no congressional power to expose for the sake of exposure,” — SCOTUS, 1957.
        and the Dems must know that — so it is all just political sleight-of-hand
            and subterfuge
, to dupe gullible voters

Trackside announcer Sen. Lindsey Graham predicts Dems' reaction to released info

The Left's cowardice on Venezuela
        Definitely not the type of moral rectitude that makes America great.
        Cowardice will never make anything great;
            unfortunately, it will not stop anyone from wanting to be a dictator.

And now, today's comic relief:
        Crazy AOC, expert at nothing, blames DC tornado warning on climate change

23 May 2019

Kushner stares down uncompromising foes in fights over immigration, Middle East peace

Thought for the Day:

22 May 2019

Trump cuts short meeting with Pelosi and Schumer after Pelosi's comment about cover-up

Pelosi scrambles to tamp down impeachment frenzy in Dem Caucus

21 May 2019

Barr — Rules changed to hurt President Trump

Rep. says compelling evidence in Russia collusion probe days away from being revealed

Ex-AG Loretta Lynch says ex-FBI Director Comey misrepresented her statements
        Lots of guity parties as DOJ begins its probe of Obama collusion


Meanwhile, the Socialist-media witch-hunt continues
New York prosecurters looking for misappropriation of funds by Trump Inaugural committee


Meanwhile, Democrats continue to debate impeachment

Investments by automakers in US, China, since Trump became President

20 May 2019

Obama intel chiefs "knew full well dossier was used in the intelligence assessment"
- Trey Gowdy

18 May 2019

China's social credit system turns Orwell's 1984 into Chinese sick nightmare

17 May 2019

AG Barr vows to uncover 'exactly what happened' with Russia probe, says explanations have been inadequate'

Splitting Illinois — Chicago vs. the rest of the state

15 May 2019

Accusations fly over who pushed anti-Trump dossier as DOJ's probe begins

California, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, New Jersey 'aggressive' when big taxpayers move out

Alabama votes to ban abortions, charge doctors with felony and 99-year jail term
        See you in the U.S. Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade

14 May 2019

Will "political correctness" kill classic movies?
We can all be found "politically incorrect" by somebody's standard.   Those easily offended and those trying to stop other people from doing things they do not like sit squarely at the top of the politically-incorrect list.

Most of the people being offended by perceived politically-incorrectness also are offended by President Donald Trump.   President Trump is one of the half-dozen greatest Presidents the U.S. has ever had.   By that you can judge the offensiveness of the ones who do not like him.

12 May 2019

Senator Graham pushes to declassify key 'document' on Steele dossier

In the 1960s, this kind of prejudicial treatment would have provoked civil rights activists like Martin Luther King.

9 May 2019

Why China decided to play hardball in trade talks   (PDF)
        Lessons Learned:   Chinese attack weakness; only bow to strength;
                no such thing as "respect", "honor", "integrity"; no such thing as Ethics.

Bids by Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos to build US military rockets reshape national security
        The US boasts perhaps the deepest industrial base for space-launch in world history.

See today's exciting Science news

AQR Capital Management performance not so good; investors taking out billions

Bernie Sanders as a Mayor:   "I don't know who I am."
        Also: "planning and decision-making were two of the biggest weaknesses that I have"

Facebook co-founder says government should break it up; CEO Zuckerberg too powerful.

Snow in Minnesota — 117-year record broken — 10.9" in Duluth; snowiest May ever

Colorado gets 8" to over a foot of snow

8 May 2019

As the Democrats go Left
The left’s efforts to propagandize the American people into believing falsehoods and disbelieving truth have deep roots. — As do crushing dissent; college campuses routinely denying access to conservative guest speakers; trying to impose policies which Americans overwhelmingly oppose, by manipulating the rules and just plain lying.   Faced with positions that cannot win a majority of the American people, the Left is increasingly trying to crush the debate rather than win the debate.

China backtracks on nearly all aspects of China-US trade deal

Attempted hack of Hillary's email server stunned aide

7 May 2019

Top Chinese trade negotiator in DC for trade talks

Biden's campaign promise:   "First thing I'd do is repeal those Trump tax cuts!"

Unemployment rate hits 50-year low

Trump's approval rating reaches all-time high
        surpasses Obama's rating at same point in his Presidency

Teacher's lawsuit against union could cost unions millions

        Slavery!           — 40 million in slavery today

Mauritania — slavery's last stronghold

People for sale — $400 each, in Tripoli, Libya

Slave markets in Libya

Slave trade routes

Slavery levels by country

5 May 2019

Cory Booker's bonkers claim that Obama deserves credit for the economic recovery
        Obama did everything he could to hurt the economy and stifle economic growth

Democrats should back Trump's move to pull out of the failed Paris climate accord

4 May 2019

DOJ shoots back at Pelosi’s claim that Barr 'lied to Congress'
The Department of Justice has called these accusations "baseless," "reckless," "irresponsible," and "false."

New York Times Admits Obama Admin Deployed Multiple Spies Against Trump Campaign In 2016

Liberals Were Very Wrong About Tax Cuts.   Again.


Facebook's wannabe dictator Mark Zuckerberg wants to convince you that censorship is good

Classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group is the ultimate no-brainer

3 May 2019

Fear drives his attackers — AG Barr's probe could affect powerful Dems   (PDF)
"We have to stop using the criminal-justice process as a political weapon," Mr. Barr said Wednesday.   The line didn't get much notice, but that worthy goal increasingly looks to be a reason Mr. Barr accepted this unpleasant job.   Stopping this abuse requires understanding how it started.   The liberal establishment, including journalists friendly with it, doesn't want that to happen, and so has made it a mission to destroy Mr. Barr.   The attorney general seems to know what he's up against, and remains undeterred.   That's the sort of steely will necessary to right the ship at the Justice Department and the FBI.
President Trump tells House Dems:   "It's over"
Former FBI Director James Comey, Trump told Herridge, "probably was one of the people leading the effort on spying" on his campaign.   Trump said we "will find out pretty soon" the extent of Comey's involvement.

Barr skips House Committee hearing; Dems flail in frustration

What Dems left in their wake after Hill hysteria — defeat, desperation, fear
Democrats are so afraid of an attorney general — finally — manifestly willing to do his duty to expose the rot, corruption, mendacity, and betrayals in our law enforcement apparatus working hand in hand with political partisans in the media and in elected government, that they are taking ever-riskier gambles.

North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis decried that the "new normal" seems to be that if there is no legal basis for indictment, Democrats go back and indict for political reasons and if Democrats are not able to do that, they attack the integrity of the messenger — Barr, Horowitz, anyone who contradicts the mantra.

Clash between Congress, White House likely to reverberate for years
        as Dems struggle to re-seize unbridled, unConstitutional political power
        aided and abetted by RINOs and Neocons like Mitt Romney and John McCain

Obama took Trump victory as a personal insult; blamed Hillary for losing

Inside Bernie Sander's Soviet honeymoon

This is President Trump's vision of Making America Great Again!
U.S. creates 263,000 jobs in April, unemployment falls to 49-year low — 3.6%
        which means Trump's ideas work, which means Dems' ideas won't work
U.S. Stocks Roar as Jobs Data Bolster Confidence: Markets Wrap-up at the Close
The S&P 500 Index rose the most in a month as data showed the labor market can support growth without sparking inflation — giving cover to the Federal Reserve’s patient stance.
"People will put money in the stock market because there will be companies that will capitalize on world economic growth."
America the Productive
        — New reports show U.S. workers getting more done and receiving better pay
"We seem to recall the Trump White House arguing in 2017 that a cut in the corporate income tax rate would increase incentives for businesses to invest in making their workers more productive, which would in turn lift wages.   To be fair, the White House was making the case that such progress would happen over the long haul, not immediately.   So it’s too early to render a final judgment, but so far so good." — But that is what we are seeing.

Journalism institute Poynter tries to blacklist 29 Conservative news outlets
        funded by Open Society Foundations, liberal billionaire George Soros
    Their list includes:
        Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal
        Daily Wire

The Dan Bongino Show
        Drudge Report
        Judicial Watch

KitCo Gold & Silver
        mrc News Busters
        PJ Media
        Washington Free Beacon

2 May 2019

Rep. Nadler's hearing descends into chaos

1 May 2019

Apple — the first company with a market capitalization over one trillion dollars

30 April 2019

Fox News top cable news source - CNN ratings plummet

Thought for the Day:

26 April 2019

China's Xi signals approval for Trump's trade war demands

U.S. economy improves 3.2% for first quarter of 2019

25 April 2019

FBI official admits Clinton emails found in Obama White House
        "No wonder Hillary Clinton has thus far skated -
        Barack Obama is implicated in her email scheme."

23 April 2019

Court says chalking tires for parking enforcement violates the 4th Amendment
  • Imagine trying to prevent this kind of police tactics in any other country!
  • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights protects you from actions by the government!

  • 21 April 2019

    Uncovered:   cover-up discussions in Clinton email documents
    Don't miss the Twitter posts about the Democrat and media conspirators and collusions

    Another scientist debunks human-induced climate-change:
    Cooling down the hysteria about global warming   (PDF version)
            If anything, temperatures are showing a cooling trend.

    Colorado Red Flag Bill Becomes Law, Sheriffs Vow Not to Enforce

    8yo AOC imposter talks about Climate Change and Socialism.   Listen up, AOC!

    Haters Devastated to Discover That Pro-Trump Dilbert Creator Has a Hot Girlfriend
            These Neo-Puritans are the same
    free-love, burn-your-bras, go-naked
    Leftists of the 1960s

    The News in Pictures


    20 April 2019

    Top 10 things the media got wrong about 'collusion' and 'obstruction'

    Admit it:   Fox News has been right all along

    Barr Is Right About Everything.   Admit You Were Wrong.
    After Trump’s vindication, the liberal media and its allies in government should face a reckoning.

    HUD moves to cancel illegal immigrants' public housing access

    The News in Pictures


    19 April 2019

    New college grads are entering the best job market in years

    18 April 2019

    Leading economic indicators up 0.4% for March

    Retail sales post biggest gain in 1 1/2 years

    Campaign contributions from Ilhan Omar rejected by at least two Democrats

    Bret Easton Ellis tells 'spoiled children' liberals to deal with Trump:
            'He was elected president. Get over it.'
    Calling those who reached adulthood around the start of the 21st century "Generation Wuss", he blasts their "oversensitivity, their sense of entitlement, their insistence they were always right despite sometimes overwhelming proof to the contrary, their joint tendencies of overreaction and passive-aggressive possibility."   This, he argues, has been fostered by "overprotective, helicopter moms and dads mapping their every move" while "smothering their kids and not teaching them how to deal with life's hardships ... people might not like you, this person will not love you back, kids are really cruel, work sucks, it's hard to be good at something, your days will be made up of failure and disappointment, you're not talented, people suffer, people grow older, people die."   Ellis diagnoses a growing inability to accept or even listen to [other] viewpoints. [...] The media became so freaked out that they abandoned the hallmarks of neutrality and perspective. [...] When you're roiling in childish rage, the first thing you lose is judgment, and then comes common sense.   And finally you lose your mind and along with that, your freedom.
    Good call.

    Church membership in the U.S. has fallen over the past 20 years.

    17 April 2019

    Free-market liberalism is needed more than ever

    Wealth has never been more equal

    U.S. trade deficit shrinks again in February to lowest level in eight months

    16 April 2019

    Educator warns far-Left agenda being pushed in school classrooms
    "Teachers unions collect about $5 billion tax-free every year from teachers - and they use that money to put their social, sexual, and political agenda into our schools."
    That union is the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

    EU seeks to remold Internet with new copyright rules
            "It could act as censorship and change internet culture."
            Italy, Sweden, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg voted against it
            "implementation is likely to be uneven"
    German Data Privacy Commissioner Says Article 13 Inevitably Leads to Filters, Which Inevitably Lead to Internet "Oligopoly"

    Playboy's April 2019 Playmate of the Month has a whole lot better attitude and sense of life than all the neo-Puritan Socialist haters of anything good

    Chicago hit with over 5" of snow - one of the snowiest days this late in April in history

    15 April 2019

    Pelosi - progressive wing of party is five people - five noisy people
            The House speaker also said she rejected socialism "as an economic system."

    14 April 2019

    Stephen Moore at the Fed has liberals terrified - here’s why
    "More than 2.6 million jobs [were created] in 2018.   Both the unemployment rate and initial claims for unemployment benefit are sitting near 50 year lows while year over year wage growth has been at or above 3 percent for eight consecutive months.   When President Trump took office, there were nearly 2 million more people unemployed than there were job openings.   There are now nearly 900,000 more job openings that people unemployed."

    Qanta Ahmed: Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to Islam and doesn’t represent my Muslim religion

    Those concerned about slavery should look at slavery in the world today
    Where the world’s 30 million slaves live

    13 April 2019

    Patriots' Day - The battles of Lexington and Concord reenacted


    See the Trump 2020 trailer!

    12 April 2019

    Pilots Say MAX MCAS Software Updates Prove Effective In Simulator Demo

    11 April 2019

    Dems rage against AG Barr for investigating illegal spying by FBI
    One top House Democrat charged that Barr is not acting "in the best interest of the DOJ or the country."
    What does that mean?   Investigating possible corruption is not in the country's best interest???   Or is it not in your best interest?   What is it you want to keep covered up?

    Maybe it's this:
    Greg Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, indicted for alleged false statements
    Under Hillary, this wouldn't have happened.   That was the whole idea.   It would've just continued - and gotten worse.
  • "The Washington-based lawyer was indicted by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for allegedly falsifying and concealing 'material facts' and making false statements to the DOJ National Security Division's Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Unit, which is responsible for enforcing foreign lobbying laws."
  • "FARA violations were only rarely prosecuted until Mueller took aim at Manafort for his own lobbying work in Ukraine.   [...]   Craig left Skadden [the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom] last year after his work with Manafort became public.   In January, Skadden agreed to cooperate with the DOJ's registration requirements and paid $4.6 million in a settlement to avoid a criminal prosecution."

  • And more:
    FBI employees received 'improper' gifts from reporters, routinely leaked to media without authorization: IG report
  • "Numerous FBI employees accepted inappropriate gifts from reporters and routinely spoke to media outlets without authorization during the Hillary Clinton email probe"
  • "The IG identified dozens of FBI officials who spoke to reporters without permission, including several special agents, special agents in charge, secretaries management and program analysts, attorneys, an 'FBI executive,' a deputy assistant director and an assistant director."

  • To the Moon!   See today's exciting Science News

    Hey, Omar - 9/11 was about Muslims waging jihad on America

    10 April 2019

    Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar describes 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 Americans as
            "some people did something"
            Democrats urged to condemn her remarks
            "Ilhan Omar isnt just anti-Semitic  shes anti-American."
                    - GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel


    President Trump working for civil rights, curtailing affirmative action programs
    "This shows the Trump administration is taking seriously its responsibility to enforce civil rights in a way that protects all Americans," said Roger Clegg, general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity, an anti-affirmative action advocacy group.   "The more schools that dont use racial preferences, the harder it is for the remaining schools to justify their use of it."

    The Collusion Lie came at a terrible cost

    Governments ending free speech on the Internet with regulations

    9 April 2019

    AG Barr is reviewing conduct of FBI in original Russia probe

    President Trump's approval rating at 53%
            vs. Obama's 47% at this point in his time in office

    Trump Derangement Syndrome - and therapy

    Pelosi mocks AOC over reliance of twitter for support

    Defeated Rep. Crowley had dirt on AOC but decided not to use it in his campaign

    8 April 2019

    New lymphoma cancer vaccine shows promise

    Hate-group Southern Poverty Law Center wants to blacklist those working for President Trump

    Hate-group Southern Poverty Law Center reels from harassment, intolerance claims; president resigns, along with other top executives

    Which are the biggest websites in the U.S.?

    Who owns everything in big Media today?

    7 April 2019

    Socialist decline continues - Venezuelans rally to demand power, water, and end to Maduro
            "Weve come to demand freedom and democracy"

    South Carolina has experienced massive net migration into the state over the past
            five years, resulting in the third highest rate in the U.S.

    6 April 2019

    Vice President Mike Pence's five principles for effective government

    Over the last 50 years, the polar bear population has quadrupled
            Overpopulation is now the problem
            Wannabe dictators can't use climate change as excuse to tell you what to do

    5 April 2019

    Trey Gowdy - open-ended question on breadth and legality of Presidential power
    "I think what most Americans think is that if it is wrong for Donald Trump Jr. to ask for dirt on Hillary Clinton, why is it not wrong for the Democratic National Committee to pay for dirt on Donald Trump?"

    Death of the filibuster in the Senate?

    4 April 2019

    Same old standard, by-the-book procedure for would-be Socialist Dictators -
            sew disruption, discord, violence, persecution of enemies

    Big, bad, little girl and recent bartender AOC threatens President Trump

    Why Democrats are obsessed with the President's tax returns
    Giuliani - "Dems are rabid and have no regard for the Constitution or the laws"
            "Their disregard for the Constitution is mind-boggling and frightening."

    Socialism continues to self-destruct - As the sun sets, Caracas empties

    3 April 2019

    Talk of socialism 'offends me,' says House Democrat who calls herself a 'proud capitalist'
    "The idea that in the greatest democracy, the greatest capitalist system in the world, were having casual conversation about socialism, offends me." - U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Florida.   Her opposition to socialism is rooted in her youth while growing up in Vietnam, which is run by a socialist government.

    NATO Chief says President Trump's push for more defense spending is working

    President Trump is reshaping 9th Circuit Court with Judicial appointments

    Senate make procedural change to speed confirmation of President's judicial picks

    FBI Agents' affair made them vulnerable to foreign intelligence

    Conditions in Venezuela continue to deteriorate
            Venezuelans head for Columbia border, Russian troops propping up Maduro
            Venezuela using intimidation tactics on journalists - arrest, deprtation
            Journalist arrested for covering protest

    2 April 2019

    Probe of Dem. Rep. Ilhan Omar spending campaign funds
            on divorce attorney, personal travel

    Debris from India's anti-satellite test is a threat to the International Space Station

    Thought for the Day

    1 April 2019

    AOC flunks history - thinks FDR ousted by constitutional amendment


    Judge blocks California high-capacity magazine ban
            "Individual liberty and freedom are not outmoded concepts,"
            U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez wrote.

    Jan.-March 2019 best quarter for the stock market in a decade


    30 March 2019

    Senator Lindsey Graham campaign rally in Greenville, South Carolina
            Second Lady Karen Pence, Senator Lindsey Graham, Vice President Mike Pence
      South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster               Vice President Mike Pence

    Collusion - between NBC, MSNBC, and the Democrats

    Thoughts for the Day

    29 March 2019

    President Trump:   "We cannot criminalize political differences."

                            Grand Rapids, Michigan - the overflow from the Trump rally

    See the distribution of the world's major religions on one map

    28 March 2019

    President to release FISA documents showing treasonous FBI behavior
  • "It was treason, it was really treason," Trump said, referring to texts between
  •     former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page that
        discussed an "insurance policy" in the event of Trump's election.
  • "We can never allow this to happen to another Preident"
  • The phony dossier "was a fraud, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats."
  • Trump vowed that Republicans would soon be the "party of great health care".

  • Speaker Pelosi pivots on the Democrats' direction, and CNN falls in line
            Hoping people will forget that the whole Mueller investigation
            and the consequences for the Dems never happened?

    Stock market opens higher on news of U.S. economic growth of 2.9% for 2018
            Thanks, President Trump!

    27 March 2019

    How Mueller's report cleared Trump and exposed the Deep State
    There are always those who believe they have a higher purpose, and are willing to use government power to manipulate events and further their political beliefs.

    Google helping China develop global digital dictatorship

    Boeing to preview fix for the 737-MAX today, briefing pilots
            updated software, pilot alerts, better pilot training

    Boeing confirms it will make safety feature standard in 737-MAX

    26 March 2019

    Senate votes against the Green New Deal - 0-57 - nobody voted for it!
            The Green New Deal is "a radical, top-down, socialist makeover of the entire
            U.S. economy." - Senate President pro Tempore McConnell.
    See also Climate Change - A Political Tool Debunked

    AOC upset her New Green Deal being put to a vote
            Be careful what you ask for; you may get it!

    How much clearer than that can we make it?

    25 March 2019

    Graham sends ominous tweet to Comey: See you soon


    Here is who started the phony Russian probe - and must answer for it

    The illegal takedown that failed

    Time to investigate the Democrats!


    Republicans escalate calls for Dem Rep Adam Schiff to resign
    Nearly two years to the day after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) read into the Congressional record unverified and salacious allegations about Russian collusion from the now discredited "Trump Dossier", senior Republicans are calling for his resignation.


    DOJ, FBI stonewalled House GOP requests for McCabe texts

    Ninth Circuit Judge picked by President Trump clears last hurdle to confirmation
            with more in the pipeline

    Trump allies await results of two internal probes that could expose Russia investigation backstory

    24 March 2019

    Eight facts about gun violence in America
            1. America is relatively safe, and the trend is toward becoming safer.
            2. The principal public safety concerns are suicides and illegally owned handguns.
            3. A small number of factors significantly increase the likelihood that a person will be
                a victim of a gun-related homicide.
            4. The perpetration of gun-related murders is often carried out by predictable people.
            5. Higher rates of gun ownership are not associated with higher rates of violent crime.
            6. There is no clear relationship between strict gun control legislation and homicide or
                violent crime rates.
            7. Legally owned firearms are used for lawful purposes much more often than they
                are used to commit crimes or suicide.
            8. Concealed carry permit holders are not the problem, but they may be part of the
    Global statistics show that higher rates of gun ownership are not associated with higher rates of violent crime.

    23 March 2019

    Media, armchair-lawyers stunned - no more indictments by Mueller; report complete


    Ex-CBS reporter sounds off on treatment of Trump by the press

    "Socialism means turning over your freedom to your government"


    22 March 2019

    When the Mueller report shows Trump did not collude with Russia,
            will anyone be punished?

    21 March 2019

            New Zealand and Australia - Paternalism rampant - No freedom of speech!
            Banning URLs!   "Consumers have the right to be protected"!   No right to freedom?
            Twitter, Facebook bans in place as well.

    Last stronghold of ISIS resistance liberated; ISIS flags taken down

    19 March 2019

    AOC kicked off Board of Justice Democrats due to legal, ethical issues

    Dems' calls to revamp Electoral College, Supreme Court reveal panic - if not an outright effort to undermine, disrupt, and destroy the US' Constitutional form of government, grab power, and replace it with themselves as dictators.   For Socialists, that is on the agenda as a matter of course.

    Thought for the Day

    16 March 2019

    Trump vows veto after Congress blocks his order to build the wall

    Dem. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Dems' leftward-lunge could re-elect Trump
    "Earth to Democrats:   Republicans are telling you something when they gleefully schedule votes on proposals like the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and a 70 percent marginal tax rate.   When theyre more eager to vote on the Democratic agenda than we are, we should take a step back and ask ourselves whether were inadvertently letting the political battle play out on their turf rather than our own.   If Trumps only hope for winning a second term turns on his ability to paint us as socialists, we shouldnt play to type."

    Thought for the Day

    14 March 2019

    U.S. now has more millionaires than Sweden has people - Portugal, too.

    10 March 2019

    Venezuela's Socialist destruction continues - shuts down electric power; little food remaining spoils


    8 March 2019

    Democrat Minnesota Reps: Dean Phillips vs. Ilhan Omar

    7 March 2019

    Chinese crackdown on "erroneous thoughts"
            on thirty-year anniversary of Tiananmen Square;
            60 years since the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet into exile

    Chat log leak shows huge Chinese surveillance

    6 March 2019

    President Trump's great speech at CPAC

    The classic path of Socialism - now the radicals are even mistreating Dem Speaker Pelosi
            greater violence overruns lesser violence

    5 March 2019

    Is Google secretly developing a censored search engine for China?

    Rep. AOC, chief-of-staff, violated FEC rules to hide $885 thousand
            Just another Socialist who is just another crook - it's part of the package.
            There is a reason people want power.

    2 March 2019

    Centrist Dems see risk in moving left

    The choice in the next election is "between freedom and socialism, between personal responsibility and government dependence."

    For ISIS, the end is nigh - their last battle is imminent

    1 March 2019

    Mexico carrying out Trump's agenda along much of the border

    Greenville, South Carolina's Passerelle Bistro makes the list of
            the world's most romantic restaurants

                                        Rhoda at the Passerelle Bistro, 2017

    28 February 2019

    Gallup poll - Americans Feel 'Great Again' With Trump In Charge

    27 February 2019

    President Trump picks another conservative justice for the Ninth Circuit

    White Houses announces 51 judicial picks including two for liberal Ninth Circuit
    "Because of Democrats unprecedented obstruction of judicial nominees, we now have significantly more vacancies than when President Trump took office," Judicial Crisis Network Chief Counsel and Policy Director Carrie Severino said in a statement.   "Senator McConnell has restated his commitment to filling the vacancies and has maintained that this is a Senate priority.   Its time for Democrats to end the bullying and smear campaigns and confirm the judges."

    26 February 2019

    GOPers denounce Dems' gun-control bill as "ineffective" and far overreaching measures that would ultimately lead to guns being confiscated from lawful owners.

    Woman who attacked man wearing 'MAGA' hat was illegal immigrant, taken into ICE custody

    House Dems reject Trump emergency declaration, setting up potential veto showdown

    Rep AOC doesn't want you to have children - taking a note from her mentors in Red China

    25 February 2019

    Supreme Court rules 9-0 against excessive fines, forfeitures

    24 February 2019

    Federal Court rules male-only draft is unconstitutional

    23 February 2019

    Conrad Black:   The greatest Constitutional Crisis since the Civil War

    Bernie Sanders refuses to call Venezuela's Maduro a dictator,
            refuses to call for him to step down
    Democrats in Florida slam Bernie Sanders, deny their support

    Venezuelan troops abandon posts amid violent clashes with protesters at Colombian border

    House Dems request copies of Trump's tax returns
    But Dem. Pelosi refuses to show hers

    Liberals outnnumber conservatives in just 6 states - down from 9

    22 February 2019

    Bernie Sanders' bizarre statements extolling Communist Soviet Russia, Nicaraugua, Cuba
            So what's keeping him here?   Why doesn't he go there to live?

    Thought for the day ...

    Don't miss our new webpage - President Trump in pictures

    21 February 2019

    Former FBI General Counsel thought Hillary Clinton and her staff should have been prosecuted for handling of classified emails
            Thought Clinton's behavior was "alarming" and "appalling".

    China building ports world-wide to give their shipping an edge in Europe, Africa

    20 February 2019

    South Carolina State Rep. Garry Smith leads the way on improving education

    Thanks for nothing, AOC!

                                                        Socialism takes, Capitalism creates    

    18 February 2019

    President's daughter Ivanka, Vice President Pence lead the way at the Munich Security Conference

    President's son-in-law Jared Kushner brokering Mid-east peace plan commended by Israel, Gulf states

    More on Rosenstein's and McCabe's "illegal and treasonous" plot against the President         Ever watch the movie "Seven Days in May"?

    Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar uses ISIS recruitment terminology in interviews and tirades

    President Trump quotes Rush Limbaugh's statement Mueller's investigators should be in jail for cover-up of coup attempt

    Senate panel investigating links between Obama officials and Russians

    15 February 2019

    President Trump to sign funding bill, declares national emergency to fund building wall
    That makes more sense than Trump collusion - Obama wa a one-worlder ruling-class-collusion person vs. the masses

    FBI-DOJ plot described by McCabe was "Clearly an attempt at a coup-d'etat"
    "a grievous offense against the Constitution"
    McCabe plotted a coup and called it an investigation
    McCabe, Strzok and Page had long sought to prevent the American people from making Trump President of the United States.

    Minnesota Congresswoman Omar's marriage fraud

    Amazon blasts Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, says won't work in that kind of political environment
    NY Gov. Cuomo is furious at Ocasio-Cortez; could have been great jobs for kids now in STEM classes

    Supreme Court to decide if citizen question can be included on 2020 census

    Chicago most corrupt city; Illinois third-most corrupt state

    14 February 2019

    DOJ conspiracy to oust President Trump
            Collusion "made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!"
    President Trump calls McCabe a disgrace to the FBI and to the country

    Senate Democrats agree - no collusion; give up on conspiracy theory

    Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?
            Certainly not a Beto O'Rourke rally - even in his own Congressional district,
            where the roar from Trump's rally could be heard by the few people attending.

    William Barr set to be confirmed as U.S. Attorney General

    Thoughts for the Day

    13 February 2019

    Ex-Trump attorney John Dowd slams 'waste of time' Mueller probe as 'one of the greatest frauds in US history
    "I know exactly what he has.   I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said.   I know exactly what he asked.   And I know what the conclusion or the result is."
    "I'd have gone to Sessions and Rosenstein and said, "Look.   This is nonsense.   We are being used by a cabal in the FBI to get even."

    Democrats are out-of-control, out-of-their-minds socialists

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' "Green New Deal" would be 'immoral',
            spending trillions of dollars "unrealistic"

    America continues march to low-tax states
            Will affect make-up of U.S. House after 2020

    "El Chapo" drug crook headed to US' escape-proof max-prison for life

    12 February 2019

    Newly-released FBI emails show collusion, duplicity
    Attempts to reduce classified-level of Clinton emails to lower (non-illegal) status
    "When will the Justice Department and the FBI finally do an onest investigation of the Clinton email scandal?"

    Americans' confidence in personal finances grows to best level in 16 years

    11 February 2019

    President Trump's approval rating at 52%
            "Not good" for Democrats

    Market indicators turn bullish after flashing red last year
            But Vanguard forecast for the next decade is for slower growth

    Antifa activist facing assault charges tied to Democrat policy-makers

    Democrat Rep. Omar posts anti-Semitic Twitter rampage

    9 February 2019

    Federal Court Orders Discovery on Clinton Email, Benghazi Scandal: Top Obama-Clinton Officials, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes to Respond to Judicial Watch Questions Under Oath

    Hey Democrats - I've lived in a Socialist country with income equality, and it was miserable
    "When the state runs the economy and its citizens' lives, there will be plenty of equality in scarcity, poverty, and hopelessness."

    Thought for the Day

    8 February 2019

    President Trump's approval rating is at 50%

    Congress is closing in on a budget deal

    Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is a joke
    WSJ writer: Ocasio-Cortez' "Green New Deal" looks like a GOP parody
    "By the end of the Green New Deal resolution (and accompanying fact sheet) I was laughing so hard I nearly cried," Strassel wrote on Twitter.   "If a bunch of GOPers plotted to forge a fake Democratic bill showing how bonkers the party is, they could not have done a better job.   It is beautiful."

    Modern lberalism is all about hypocrisy
    "It's pretty clear that the very people most likely to wear blackface are also the most likely to demand that you get fired if you do the same.   That's the definition of hypocrisy.   But, it's deeper than that.   Hypocrisy isn't simply a recurring feature of modern liberalism.   It's the whole point of it."

    In what states are infanticide and socialism winning issues?

    6 February 2019

    President Trump's 2019 State of the Union Address
    *   "We will never be a Socialist country"
            Pelosi, standing behind him, realized that she had to clap, but did so reluctantly.
    *   Trump gets applause from Democrats:
            "Noone has benefitted more from our thriving economy than women"
    *   Trump - the Unity President?
    *   CBS poll - "72% approval" for Trump's speech
    *   Even CNN - "57% approval" for Trump's speech
    "America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination and control," he said to Republican applause. "We are born free and we will stay free."   To which the would-be Socialist dictators sat in stone-faced silence.
    Read the full text of President Trump's 2019 State of the Union address here.
    Listen to President Trump's 2019 State of the Union address here.

    Ocasio-Cortez looking like a pouting teenager mad at her parents ...

    This was a speech that changed the trajectory of history. - Newt Gingrich



    4 February 2019

    President Trump "is an amzingly good listener."
            -- Senator Lindsay Graham, in his speech today in Greenville, South Carolina
                Click here to hear his speech (note: missing first 2-3 minutes)

    What is behind the Democrats' sharp turn to the Left

    "Forgive, Laugh, Cry, Smile, Share, Live, Endure, Embrace, Remember, Enlighten, Preserve, Inspire, Sweat, Fight, Express, Give, Receive, Elevate, Climb, Unify, Fortify, Soften, Dance, Scream, Dream, Educate, Provide, Inhale, Exhale, Persevere, Stand, Kneel, Overcome, Love, Listen."
            Good words from Adam Levine of Maroon 5, at this year's Super Bowl;
            we could use them more frequently.

    3 February 2019

    Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is dead
            Russia decides not to comply with provisions

    Polls indicate big perceived difference between GOP and Dems; not sameness of 1987

    Socialism worked in Venezuela to destroy liberty and prosperity
            "Even socialist despots now concur with conservatives that socialism doesnt work."
    Venezuela's Maduro admits Socialist economy has failed

    Pickpocket! - How Kamala Harris will pay for Socialist Healthcare

    2 February 2019 - Groundhog Day!

    The U.S. economy continues to grow!
    *   100th consecutive month of decreased unemployment     (PDF version)
    *   Payrolls up 304,000 busting projections, despite (helped by?) government shutdown
    *   Manufacturing increeases, beating expectations
    See why you should wear your MAGA cap at this San Mateo restaurant!

    Reigning China in - it's as bad as the cynics claimed, breaking laws with impunity

    Iowa sings the Star-Spangled Banner!

    Dems' "Medicare for all" doesn't look so good when you look at the facts


    31 January 2019

    Thought for the Day

    30 January 2019

    Mueller's hands dirty in old FBI frame-up

    President Trump's "Braveheart moment"

    Thoughts for the Day

    29 January 2019

    New details re Trump dossier conflict with Dems' claimed timeline

    Massive voter fraud in Texas in 2018 election
    95,000 fraudulent voters named in Texas
    Noncitizens are voting in elections

    Cure for cancer within a year?

    28 January 2019

    Wives of Border Patrol invite Pelosi to visit their town and see for herself

    As Venezuela's two presidents face off, children scavenge for food and soldiers run out of patience

    Venezuela opposition fights to win military

    26 January 2019

    Thanks to President Trump, China's economy is decelerating more than expected

    Democrats against border control

    25 January 2019

    Hundreds of thousands protest against the Socialism of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in Venezuela

    24 January 2019

    Railroads report the U.S. economy is still steadily growing

    Ousting Maduro - Venezuela has two presidents

    21 January 2019

    Dems play politics - reject deal they once sponsored - the Do-Nothing House

    President is daring to clean up establishment's biggest messes and they hate him for it.
      Bush or Obama, it's just talking, talking, talking:
    *   Border Protection, Anti-terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 - failed.
    *   The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005 - failed.
    *   The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 - failed.
    *   President Bush's southwest border enforcement initiative in the 2009 budget - failed.
    *   The "Gang of Eight's" Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and
            Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 - failed.
    *   Four executive orders focused on immigration reform - failed,
    On issue after issue, yes, Trump is barging in.   Yes, he is throwing out the old playbook.   It's called change, and unlike Obama, who talked endlessly about change, President Trump is actually delivering it.

    Two years of Democrats' resistance to Trump as party policy has done what, exactly?

    China's growth for 2018 lowest in 28 years

    18 January 2019

    President cancels US delegation's trip to Davos summit

    Why Federal workers have to keep working even if they are not getting paid.

    "The business of America is business." - President Calvin Coolidge
    *   U.S. industrial output up 0.3% for December
    *   Stock Market off to its best start in 32 years - since 1987
    *   The Market's "fear index" is on track for its biggest one-month drop in three years
    *   The Market is recovering because earnings are not that bad
    *   China offers a way to eliminate trade imbalance

    How gun-ontrol became an instrument of tyranny in Venezuela

    Virginia state Senator packing pistol against violent protesters

    17 January 2019

    Pelosi slammed for attempted shutdown of President's State of the Union speech
    House Majority Leader breaks ranks with Pelosi on Wall

    President grounds Speaker Pelosi! - no trip to Europe for her delegation while shutdown

    16 January 2019

    British freedom and soverignty foiled by "inept" bureaucrats?
    "However annoying you may think the feds are here, they've got nothing on the Brussels bureaucrats who run the EU."

    Walls closing in on ex-FBI Director Comey and his accomplices

    Now Ocasio-Cortes is working to oust incumbent Democrats

    The Federal shutdown continues - Will it go on until the next election?

    14 January 2019

    The Coup - Conspiracy against the President

    Plot against the President is still going on

    Resurgence of the United States is reshaping the world

    13 January 2019

    Brexit delay creates headache for Europe

    12 January 2019

    San Diego TV station meets CNN Fake News mandate

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss arguments for second week

    European Union news - Brexit, electric cars, and ever more regulation

    11 January 2019

    The latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures

    The CPI dropped 0.1% in December

    10 January 2019

    The shifting of the Earth's mgnetic poles has picked up speed
            It is now moving at more than 34 miles a year - up from under 10 miles a year

    Thought for the day ...

    9 January 2019

    Trump won, Schumer and Pelosi lost

    8 January 2019

    Liar, liar, pants on fire
            Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez does not like being caught out on lies

    Justice Ruth Ginsburg misses second day at the Supreme Court

    7 January 2019

    Mick Mulvaney says being Chief of Staff is "actually a lot of fun".

    Trump rightfully fired establishment generals Kelly, Mattis

    Federal judge opens discovery into Clinton email server usage

    Massive civil disobedience
            New Jersey and Canada residents flout new gun-control laws

    Two-faced anti-gun Hollywood behind armed guards, security walls at Golden Globes

    Chicago's reduced amount of crime related to new right-to-carry law?

    6 January 2019

    Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's plan to bankrupt everyone, starting with the Federal government

    4 January 2019

    Jobs growth by 312,000 in December
    Wages up by 3.2%, labor force participation rate increased to 63.1 percent.
    Labor force grew to a record 156,945,000, a gain of 4,869,000 in two years.
    vs. weakness for China and much of Europe.

    Pelosi's first target:   free speech

    While Dems call for impeachment

    3 January 2019

    Democrats lurch Left

    Venezuela's economic collapse has lessons for America's Socialists

    Europe's worst year since 2008 crisis

    Romney, status-quo RINOs - you don't matter to them

    SCOTUS victory for landowners vs. EPA

    China lands spacecraft on far side of the moon

    Brazil President takes aim at crime and leftwing ideology

    Thought for the day ...

    2 January 2019

    NASA's New Horizons Takes Photos of Ultima Thule, 4 Billion Miles Away

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