The Presidency in 2017

The Presidency - the Trump Administration takes action!

27 November 2017

See the lists of President Trump's accomplishments, at .

17 October 2017

President Trump: "Confidence in America is back!"

President Trump speaks at fundraiser in Greenville, South Carolina

20 September 2017

Trump -
"The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that it has been faithfully implemented."

"All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity"
"Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime. Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action. All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity."

Want to have a really bad day?   Imagine what we would be hearing and experiencing if Hillary had become Preseident, instead of Trump.

15 September 2017

Frank mows the White House Lawn   - What an entrepeneur!

11 September 2017

Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule?

1 September 2017

Federal government jobs count reduced by 11,000 since Trump took office

20 August 2017

Rumors of Trump's demise are, once again, greatly exaggerated
We will heal
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! for President Trump!
as the Left searches for ever-weaker excuses for their pathological hatred of the rest of us

26 July 2017

Check out this article:
The "Fear Index" is something I like to watch. Check on it by watching the symbol "VIX". If it goes below 10.0, that indicates unusual calm / lack of fear - for whatever reason: political, economic, conflict, whatever.

That makes it a good gauge (i.e., far better than the media!) of how people are really feeling - a true Delphic Oracle. Who cares how they feel? We all should; how people feel sure does certainly swing the Dow Index into turbulent change.

And VIX - the Fear Index - is at a 23 year low.

That means people generally are more confident of things generally than at any time since the mid-1990s (about the middle of Bill Clinton's first term as President, and the GOP took over Congress).

Tell that to anyone who thinks Trump is hurting this country.

7 July 2017

President Trump's remarkable Warsaw speech

18 May 2017

Trump rightfully lashes out at "witch hunt"

16 May 2017

Trump has always been Trump. The media sure has changed.

21 April 2017

DHS Secretary Kelly - "change the laws or shut up" - about DHS enforcing the law

18 April 2017

Hillary's 'Nixonian' paranoia

7 April 2017

Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court

Susan Rice paper trail
- the Executive Order for distributing NSA information

4 April 2017

Susan Rice ordered spy agencies to give info on Trump administration
CNN in deliberate denial as usual - corrupt Dems apparently desired over honest GOPers

3 April 2017

Revealed: Susan Rice, others in Obama administration involved in Trump surveillance

20 March 2017

NSA - Trump under illegal, unauthorized surveillance

13 March 2017

US debt reduced $60B since Trump took office

Press Corps shake-up existential threat to traditional media

Obamacare was supposed to fail - as a bigger plot for the govt to take over healthcare
so President Hillary could look like the great savior - while destroying freedom

Trump says Russia ran over Obama
Wrong - Obama got crushed!

"All this talk about 'draining the swamp' has the alligators worried."
- Jim DeMint

12 March 2017

Trump diplomacy vs. Obama diplomacy - Afghanistan's stunning revelation

More evidence - The Trump recovery is well underway!

US AG Sessions finally clears out Obama's appointee attorneys

EPA Chief Pruitt - Carbon dioxide not a threat - and here

Back to the Moon! - for NASA and private companies
- Thousands living in space - in twenty years?

Judge will not stop second Trump travel ban

Ted Cruz finds game-changer for Senate fight to replace Obamacare

College experiment backfires - shows how bad Hillary was on campaign trail
- also here

After 50 days in office, Trump is most popular in D.C. - except one man

Ten comments show how Trump era is going for liberal media

New Amazon best seller book - Reasons To Vote For Democrats

Pelosi tells Ryan to let America know what is in GOP health bill
- vs. her on Obamacare in 2009: "You have to vote for it to see what's in it"

WikiLeaks - love it or hate it ... - and Assange wants to release more ...

10 March 2017

Trump on his first fifty days

Trump has accused the Obama Presidency of spying on him.
Did the Obama Presidency spy on Trump?
Now we are reminded that the New York Times suggested that was so,
- in this NYT news article.

Which Obama Birth Certificate is real???
Surely Obama's brother would know? See the stories here and here

2 March 2017

The Trump Economic Paradigm Change

The Trump stock market rally - what could derail it

"Noone could have given that speech but Trump"

Transcript of Trump's speech to Congress

Like the Communists in Russia in 1917, the Democrats seek to destroy America:
Obama working to oust Trump
Attacks by Dems mount attempting to disrupt Trump Presidency
Pelosi shows her Leftist socialism: "Trump has no Jobs Bill" - based on taxation on others
- while Trump creates a stronger economy that creates many more real jobs and wealth.
Capitalism is freedom - while socialism is destruction and decline.

The Left fears Trump's success - and America's economic success and strength, and happy voters - more than anything else. The Left thrives and survives on dejected, despondent, downtrodden voters. The worst thing in the world for the Dems is another President like Reagan.

27 February 2017

Trump: $54B for Defense

26 February 2017

Coming Tuesday the 28th: Trump's speech to Congress

CPAC shows conservatives with Trump - realigning conservative movement

Dems still Obama's Party

Press Secretary tries to teach NYT reporter who keeps interrupting some manners

"The un-elected aristocracy"

Tucker Carlson "won't make the mistake of taking protesters seriously again"

Muslim at CPAC: "There is nothing more American than fighting theocracy"

24 February 2017

Trump orders new task force push to eliminate red tape
- Obama's regulations cost Americans $873B

Trump: Time for Americans to get off welfare and back to work

"Who is the worst media?" "CNN!"

Over 230 colleges have anti-free-speech policing

On Sunday: NASCAR vs. Hollywood

22 February 2017

Media's "job: to control what people think"

20 February 2017

New travel ban, same seven countries

19 February 2017

President Trump meets 9,000 in Melbourne, Florida

18 February 2017

The side of "Grandpa" Trump you have not seen before

Senate confirms Pruitt at EPA

Majority of Americans want Gorsuch confirmed for SCOTUS

Bill Kristol proves Neocons no different from Leftists
- Well, no surprise; that is where they came from

Americans not crying for the media
- Seriously? They are not on our side. Why should we?

Who do people trust more? Trump 45%. Press 42%

Fake News CNN "doing fine" but ratings way down; worst in 20 years

Trump: people do not believe you anymore; CBS reporter: Trump is right.

17 February 2017

Congress: Stop "Operation Soros"?

Read the full transcript of the press conference

16 February 2017

Trump approval at 55%

Ann Coulter - House passed SIX Obamacare repeals under Obama; can't pass it once now?

Tea Party mobilizing vs. anti-Trump protests, to keep conservatives focused

Trump triumphs over the press

S.C.'s Mulvaney confirmed as Director of OMB

"Inherited a mess"

60% of refugees since judge halted ban from terrorist countries

Obama aide fined $90,000 for illegal lobbying

15 February 2017

Trump effect? Populism leaving its mark on Europe

Obama gave the NSA broad new powers

14 February 2017

Former Obama officials waged campaign to oust Flynn

13 February 2017

DHS nabs 680 illegals

Trump-bashing media whines when he calls on others
- has always been true - every President calls on favorites

Thriving on chaos!

More on Trump's visit to South Carolina

Joy Villa at the Grammys - to the top of the charts!

12 February 2017

Five reasons why Trump will win vs. Ninth Circuit verdict
and the Ninth Court did not refer to this one law authorizing President

Obama scheming disruption against Trump behind the scenes

Round-up and deportation of illegals begins!

Trump learning: diplomatic factors moderating his approach (additional link)

Stephen Miller behind core Trump policies

"Enormous evidence" of voter fraud
and the scandal of voter fraud
Mexican citizen voted eight times - no doubt Hillary's kind of people!

Mnuchin expected to be confirmed as Treasury Secretary Monday

Sessions sworn in as Attorney General

Making men work again

Trump to visit Boeing plant in South Carolina

Spot-on Trump Twitter posts

7 February 2017

Trump's first jobs report - biggest-ever surge of full-time jobs - 457,000!

Trump warming to NATO?

Trump vs. California's Governor: escalating war of words
- There can only be one outcome: the United States is founded on the Rule of Law. California's argument ends there.

Looney Left At U. of Central Florida urges violence against freedom

Trump vs. judge - checks-and-balances works both ways

Education Secretary DeVos confirmed with VP Pence's tie-breaking vote

Why DeVos will be a great Education Secretary

Confirmation progresses for S.C. Congressman Mulvaney to OMB Chair

Confirmed or not: the progress on Trump's Cabinet nominations to date

6 February 2017

Tainted: Soros 2016 campaign contributions to Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush

4 February 2017

Ann Coulter gives Trump A++ for first two weeks

Trump's first week leaves staff panting (additional link)

Trump saves $728 M on Lockheed F-35 fighter jets - brings cost below $100 M per jet

"The Left has gone fascist." - Mike Cernovich

3 February 2017

Muslim Brotherhood may be declared a terrorist group - "jihad is our way" part of motto

New sanctions on Iran for missile tests

NASA's outlook under Trump

Obama sent $9.2 Billion to UN in 2016

2 February 2017

Time magazine slant on the White House

Temper tantrums by Leftist crybabies:
Milo speaks: 'The Left is absolutely terrified of free speech'
"This is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkeley,"
- Mike Wright of Berkeley College Republicans

1 February 2017

President Trump abruptly leaves WH on Marine One

Donald Trump vs. the regulatory state

Dems 'appalled' at immigration ban, but voted for it in 2002

Media rudeness to son Barron does not stop Melania in duties as First Lady

Trump nominates Gorsuch for SCOTUS

Senate Dems who supported Gorsuch in 2006 included Obama, Biden, Hillary, Kerry

The developing Senate confirmation debate of Gorsuch

Trump WH can keep a secret

Senate GOP changes rules due to Dem stonewalling

31 January 2017

Trump halted $181 Billion in regulatory costs his first day

For many in Arizona, it doesn't get any better than this
- and for the rest of us, too

30 January 2017

Trump exec order to slash regulations

29 January 2017

Trump talks to Putin, Europe leaders, orders ISIS-beater plan

The Moslem ban that isn't

Border Patrol, ICE agents cheer Trump actions

Trump nominee for SCOTUS will be confirmed

Nikki Haley - a new day at the UN

27 January 2017

Democrats learning how to talk

Taking a sledgehammer to Obama's legacy

Why it will be hard for Trump to surpass Obama's efforts vs. the press

Trump's "Yuge" First Week - dynamic for sure

"Name and Shame List" embarasses sanctuary cities

Voting Fraud Study

26 January 2017

Trump takes aim at the European Union

Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties

"Most revolutionary act"

25 January 2017

Trump promises major investigation into voter fraud

Regulatory reform could boost U.S. economy

Dow surges past 20,000 as investor hopes surge

All 50 states' Secretaries of State ask Trump to rescind DHS power grab

Billions spent by Obama on Edcation had no impact

Trump to order construction of wall, suspend refugee program

State Department reviewing Obama decision to send Palestinians $221M

Trump will send in troops if Chicago cannot reduce homicides

24 January 2017

Party of slavery, KKK, segregation, slums - racism of Democrats still out in front

Trump Supreme Court nominee to be announced next week

"Environtmental regulations are out of control"

To China - No more taking territory

Trump mounts shock-and-awe campaign on DC - "Cleaning up after Obama"

Trump wins the Unions

57% Approval Rating

23 January 2017

Campaign Promises Face Day-One Test

Trump withdraws U.S. from TPP

Trump freezes Fed hiring

Trump wants to cut regulations 75% or more

Trump's first week has a heavy workload

Trump will be biggest change agent in U.S. history

Passengers cheer as madwoman led off plane after screaming at Trump supporter

22 January 2017

How Trump made small-town America matter again

Trump Inauguration second biggest in 36 years - counting Internet viewers, may be biggest

"Radical Islamic terrorism [...] this is evil."

We like Mr. Trump like someone we hired and can depend on.

Repurcussions - "Leave the prison of Europe" - voting against the oppression of the EU

Russia - "In Trump We Trust"

21 January 2017

Protesters - nothing to protest; just sore losers and haters

WaPo - as perverse and twisted as always

Trump to visit CIA HQ today

Trump acts to dismantle Obamacare impact

S.C. Congressman Jeff Duncan lauds Trump's Inauguration speech

20 January 2017 - The Presidential Inauguration

Trump's inaugural address - beautiful!

WH website loses all reference to climate change at noon

"Lock her up! Lock her up!"

We are finally rid of eight years of fascist (if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck ...) Democrat wannabe dictators, which were preceded by the from-the-same-mold elitist, neocon George W. Bush, not to mention the prior ineffectual mediocrity of Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush before that. Today, America once again moves back to being a fountainhead of freedom, a place where individuals can improve their economic well-being through their own efforts, unhampered by crushing socialist and globalist policies. Make America Great Again - simply by making it possible for people to be free, and to act without restrictions that hamper and quash their efforts.

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