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27 December 2019

China launches powerful rocket in boost for 2020 Mars mission

22 December 2019

Boeing capsule returns to Earth after aborted space mission

20 December 2019

Boeing's Starliner launch malfunctions en route to International Space Station

14 December 2019

Deep solar minimum on the verge of an historic milestone

Earth Enters Unknown as Magnetic North Pole Continues Push Toward Russia, Crosses Greenwich Meridian

4 December 2019

Hoag's object is a galaxy within a galaxy within a galaxy (and nobody knows why)

'Snowball Earth' discovery: Experts reveal how life survived prehistoric ice age
How life survived during 'Snowball Earth' period of 720 million to 635 million years ago

Ancestral home of modern humans is in Botswana
        See the original article in Nature magazine

26 November 2019

NASA finds 'battling galaxies' in deep space

Nile River millions of years older than previously thought

22 October 2019

New CRISPR tool has the potential to correct almost all disease-causing DNA glitches

Humans can land on Mars by 2035, NASA chief says

11 October 2019

NASA advances Trump-led manufacturing push with six innovative technologies

Second interstellar visitor arrives – and stronomers think they know where it came from

Giant asteroid strike 13K years ago had 'global consequences,' study says

Early earthlings may have watched the galaxy's center explode 3.5M years ago
"Ballooning out of both poles of the galactic center, two gargantuan orbs of gas stretch into space for 25,000 light-years apiece (roughly the same as the distance between Earth and the center of the Milky Way)"

Minute by minute accounts of how asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs devastated Earth

Three share Nobel prize for physics for work to understand the cosmos

Europe's Black Death plague virus originated in Russia's Volga region

10 September 2019

New evidence about the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs

How the skull of humanity's oldest known ancestor is changing our understanding of evolution     (PDF)

Modern humans evolved 100,000 years earlier than we thought – and not just in east Africa     (PDF)

Ancestors of Flores 'hobbits' may have been pioneers of first 'human' migration out of Africa     (PDF)

29 August 2019

First American settlers may have been in Idaho 16,500 years ago, study says

Musk, Bezos, Branson lead billionaires in space race

28 August 2019

Japan's Hayabusa2 asteroid probe packs its space-rock bag for return to Earth

13 August 2019

419 million-year-old fossilized forest discovered in China

12 August 2019

NASA's Curiosity rover continues its work, passing its seventh anniversary.

3 August 2019

NASA's mission to 'touch the sun' surprises during first data delivery
      22 gigabytes of data downloaded

NASA solar spacecraft snaps first image from inside sun's atmosphere

22 July 2019

Bizarre 'bird of prey' airliner concept design revealed by Airbus

20 July 2019

Apollo 11: 50 years on, the world celebrates the Moon landing

15 July 2019

EU's GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage
The Galileo satellite system was launched by the EU as an alternative to the US Air Force's Global Position System (GPS) and the Russian government's GLONASS.

24 June 2019

Rarely-seen catshark washes up on Australian beach

Raikoke volcano eruption from space

19 June 2019

Apollo 11: New website replays first Moon landing mission in real time   See it here.

The glaciers in Glacier National Park appear to be growing

Glacier National Park quietly removes signs that the glaciers are melting because they are growing

10 June 2019

Mysterious large mass discovered on Moon bewilders scientists:
        'Whatever it is, wherever it came from'

6 June 2019

Asteroid the size of a football-field could hit the earth this year

2 June 2019

NASA finds evidence of ancient lake on Mars

Rogue factories in China releasing lots of CFCs

20 May 2019

NASA probes finds crash site of Israeli lunar lander

17 May 2019

NASA's deep space probes – Pioneer, Voyager, New Horizons – where will they end up?

Every two years on Mars, an atmospheric hole dumps its water into space

Galaxies 13 billion years ago were brighter than expected – the question is: Why?

Many planets outside the Solar System are water worlds

9 May 2019

Human lifespan could soon pass 100 years thanks to medical tech, says BofA

Bacteria-eaing viruses save teenager's life

7 May 2019

Blackfeet man's DNA traces back 17,000 years; oldest in the Americas
DNA story suggests his ancestors came from the Pacific, traveled to the coast of South America and traveled north – not from across the Alaska land bridge

5 May 2019

160 million-year-old fossil of winged mammal discovered


2 May 2019

Oldest footprint and stone tools in Americas found, pre-Clovis – 15,600 years old

1 May 2019

World's oldest mummies in Chile – predate Egyptian mummies by 2,000 years

12 April 2019

SpaceX launches world's most powerful rocket, recovers all 3 boosters

11 April 2019

First-ever photographic image of a Black Hole

First landing on Moon by private company to be attempted 3:05pm ET today

Moon landing by Israeli firm's craft fails

Lockheed-Martin's Lunar Lander – 62 tons and with an elevator
        "What we chose to do is jump to the endgame."

10 April 2019

New human-related ancient species discovered in Luzon, Phillippines

9 April 2019

First actual pictures of black hole pending from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)

8 April 2019

New lymphoma cancer vaccine shows promise

Zapping the brain for those over 60 to help short-term memory?

6 April 2019

Over the last 50 years, the polar bear population has quadrupled
        Overpopulation is now the problem
        Wannabe dictators can't use climate change as excuse to tell you what to do

4 April 2019

Four-legged whale that lived 40mya found off coast of Peru

2 April 2019

Debris from India's anti-satellite test is a threat to the International Space Station

1 April 2019

Discovery of dinosaur fossils from the moment of the asteroid impact 66mya

4,000 year-old city discovered in Iraq, near the Zagros mountains

31 March 2019

Mars was once covered in wide raging rivers

28 March 2019

U.S. Astronauts on the Moon by 2024?

26 March 2019

Some of the universe's oldest stars are in the Milky Way galaxy's center

World's largest atom smasher may have found evidence for why the universe exists

25 March 2019

Meteor explodes with 10x the energy of atomic bomb in Hiroshima

15 March 2019

Seniors:   use skin moisturizer to prevent dementia, other old-age problems

12 March 2019

Research team 'wakes up' mammoth cell nuclei

10 March 2019

Could a supernova have caused one of Earth's mass extinctions 2.6mya?

        Additional:   Click here to see Earth's Geologic time scale

5 March 2019

Rediscovery of Mayan caves offers new chance to reconstruct the story of the Mayans

15 February 2019

U.S. going back to the Moon – this time, to stay

8 February 2019

Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor
        or click here to see a PDF version.

8 February 2019

NASA spacecraft pinpoints locaton of Chinese spacecraft on the far side of the moon

6 February 2019

More on the shifting of the Earth's mgnetic poles at an increased speed

NASA's two cubesats stop responding after passing Mars

29 January 2019

Cure for cancer within a year?

10 January 2019

The shifting of the Earth's mgnetic poles has picked up speed
        It is now moving at more than 34 miles a year – up from less than 10 miles a year

3 January 2019

China lands spacecraft on far side of the moon

2 January 2019

NASA's New Horizons Takes Photos of Ultima Thule, 4 Billion Miles Away

10 December 2018

Voyager 2 probe moves into interstellar space

23 November 2018

More than a dozen prominent scientists will be presenting evidence Friday and Saturday casting doubt on the United Nations' assertion that human activity is causing a global warming crisis.

Several of these scientists co-authored or reviewed portions of Climate Change Reconsidered, a series of comprehensive climate science volumes compiled by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).

Among the highlights of the EIKE conference, scientists will discuss the latest science regarding natural climate cycles, sea level, solar variability versus atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, shortcomings regarding renewable power, flaws in asserted temperature histories, the benefits of a warmer world, desertification, and ulterior goals of climate activists.

"The scientific evidence and conclusions reported by climate scientists are far different than what the environmental left and their legacy media allies would like the public to believe.?

Measured temperature vs. what NOAA reports – See the fraud.

Historic temperatures do not show a warming trend.

31 October 2018

First look at the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy

25 October 2018

Earthquake splits tectonic plate in two and geologists are shaken

23 October 2018

Growing up surrounded by books bolsters skills later in life

21 October 2018

Your life span is written in your DNA, and we're learning to read the code.
Cytosine, one of the four DNA bases of the genetic code, makes genes more or less active

7 August 2018

Alarmist now-or-never environmentalists fall flat on their faces

4 August 2018

Bezos throwing money, engineers into corporate space race

25 July 2018

Game-changer:   Mars lake of liquid water discovered

07 July 2018

AIDS vaccine passes key early test

05 July 2018

43 Obama-era EPA scandals the media ignored

30 January 2018

Blood test called CancerSEEK detects several cancer types
        – breast, colorectal, esophagus, liver, lung, ovary, pancreas, stomach

New $500 blood test could detect cancer before symptoms develop

CancerSEEK blood test screens for eight types of cancer

14 February 1990

Voyager I looks back at its lauch site, with an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy as background

Sometime in 1882

The Klein Bottle

Thought the Mobius band was divine.
Said he: "If you glue
The edges of two,
You'll get a weird bottle like mine."

15 May 1570

The first modern Atlas of the World

3000 BC

Humanity's first written language

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