Slavery - 30-40 million people and their owners know it is still happening

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Everyone has ancestors who were slaves.   Everyone has ancestors who were owners of slaves.   It is only a question of how many hundreds of years ago it happened.   Or if it still is happening today.   Slavery happens without regard to race or skin color - that of the slave, or that of the slave-owner.

Slavery has existed universally, throughout the world, from before the dawn of humanity’s first trek out of Africa, to the American Indians up through and beyond the arrival of the Europeans, to the Europeans themselves into the 1800s, to the Moslems into the 1900s, to India, China, and Africa into the present day.

Living without slavery had to wait for two interlocking achievements: for the creation of the concept of Individual Rights in the 1600s, and for the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s.

The end of slavery only arrived when the presence of those two components had become fundamentally and thoroughly integrated into the cultures of the most advanced societies in Europe and North America.   It was only from that beginning that such notions could then begin to spread outward into the rest of the world.

The concept of Individual Rights for the first time considered slavery in an ethical light.   That requires that a somewhat rational ethics must first be the dominant belief of a majority of those living in that country.

The Industrial Revolution – which requires its own high level of ethical foundation in order to exist – made slavery economically unfeasible.   Mechanization will outperform unwilling human labor in terms of quality, quantity, and cost every time.

In some parts of the world, slavery of both types – for sex and for labor – still currently exists.   Approximately thirty million people still live in slavery in the present day.

Except for those people trafficked through criminal networks in the more developed countries, the vast majority living in slavery are in parts of the world where:

Slavery is an animalistic norm.   It is only with the climb through Humanity’s three stair-steps of individual rights, industrialization, and rational ethics that Humanity moves beyond slavery.

                  Slavery!   -   30-40 Million Live in Slavery Today                      

Mauritania - slavery's last stronghold

People for sale - $400 each, in Tripoli, Libya

Slave markets in Libya

Slave trade routes

Slavery levels by country

Video Of Migrants Sold In Slave Auction In Libya

Slavery only now gets attention?!
With 30-40 million in slavery world-wide?
Where are all those NFL anthem-kneelers?
Talk is cheap!   Where's the action?!

For the latest news on slavery,
        visit the Thomson Reuters Foundation slavery webpage.

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