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At the Pisgah Inn, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, 3 May 2014

    Photos of us or taken by us

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2024 March 31

Lake Lure, NC, Easter Brunch

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On a scale of 1 to 10, we are an 11.

See our photos from 2024 March 31 Lake Lure, NC, Easter Sunday
  —   Note that many photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually.

2023 August 5-11

Summer 2023 Trip to Maine

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  —   Note that many photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually.

2022 July 7-31

photo not found Travelogue:  A Grand Tour

  Note that many photos have descriptive captions,
  which are visible if you view each photo individually.

7-31 July — Finding America — 6,641.1 miles through 21 states in 25 days

12 July — The Historic Depot Museum, in Rushford, Minnesota – scanned photos

8-9 July — Daryl's and Cliff's wedding

See our newspaper articles about our trip in the  

Travelogue – Finding America, part 1, August 2022

Travelogue – Finding America, part 2, September 2022

Travelogue – Finding America, part 3, October 2022

    2022 May 5

A visit to Gibbs Gardens, in northern Georgia.

  —   Note that many photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually.

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    2021 October 4

Rhoda bought a helicopter ride for Scott as a present!  Take a look at the photos and videos to see how it turned out!

    2021 September 27

The '84 shows off at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, on a Sunday drive to the Pisgah Inn for lunch.

    2021 August 26 - September 3

Photos from our trip to Maine, 26 August to 3 September 2021

  —   Note that most photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually.

    2021 August 8

Three different definitions of performance

    2021 July 3

Photos of paintings by artist Kathie Wheeler, seen in the Lanesboro Arts shop, Lanesboro, Wisconsin, on June 25th.
  —   Photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually

    2021 May 30

Photos of the "Wings of Mexico" sculptures by Jorge Marin,
located in Greenville, South Carolina, in and near the Peace Center Concert Hall, and in the Falls Park.

  —   most photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually

    2021 May 20

Photos from Chimney Rock and the Lake Lure Flowery Bridge
  —   most photos have descriptive captions, which are visible if you view each photo individually

    2021 March 29

The Negative Squirrel Cage

Birds visiting our two bird feeders frequently cause the bird seed to drop to the ground.  Other birds as well as squirrels will forage for that seed.  We are trying to grow grass in that area, and it has begun to sprout very nicely with the arrival of spring.  The birds and squirrels cannot eat grass, since they cannot digest it, but in their constant search for fallen seeds, they wear it down, killing it.  So I built a "Negative Squirrel Cage", not to keep squirrels in, but to keep them out.  The 1/2" screen allows light, air, and rain in to nourish the lawn, but the falling seed also passes through it.  The squirrels and birds can see the seed, but not reach it.  The birds quickly give up, but one squirrel has already spent hours trying to get into the cage, in just the past two days since I built it and put it in place under the closer of the two feeders.

Note that the two feeders are about 6 feet apart.  If the area under the further feeder gets too worn, I will make a second cage.

This is the same squirrel that climbs from a tree limb down the wire to a bird-feeder, or literally launches himself from a tree limb through 5-10 feet of air onto a bird-feeder.  He is very ingenious, and refuses to be beaten by anything mere humans put in his way.  But all his efforts to beat this new trick also mean that he has not so far resumed his direct assault on the bird-feeders five feet above.

The patches of sand-colored or light-green-colored stuff is a light-green mat like you can buy at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.  We put it on top of some new "Deep Shade" grass seed (so it says) and some topsoil, on top of newly-aerated South Carolina red clay, and we have been watering it 1-2 times a day, in some hope of giving the grass half a chance at a life under the shade of a Pin Oak tree.  Wish it luck.

To the squirrel:  Lots of laughs!

    2021 March 7

It's Springtime at the Crosby birdfeeders!  Lately this has been happening several times each day.  A lot of the birds are little mamas, with oversize round bellies, so for each one 3 or 4 eggs are on their way very soon, in some nest nearby.  The frenzy gets pretty intense, and our usual once-a-day replenishing of the bird-feeders each morning is no longer enough.  Almost every day we have to add some more birdseed once or twice more.

    2020 November 12

The Wedding of Erin and Dennis on 30 October 2020

    2020 June 14

Rhoda and the '84 Fleetwood Brougham on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    2019 November 28 - December 1

Photos from Savannah, Georgia   —   some photos have descriptive captions

    2019 November 7

Artwork by Rhoda, on the front cover of Scott's new book!


    2019 July 1-12

Vacation photos from the Black Hills area of South Dakota - many photos have descriptive captions


    2019 June 3

Pictures from Rhoda's Knitting Guild

    2019 March 23

Bought a "Keep America Great" cap, put it next to "USA" and "Mauldin" caps - hey; that's Red, White, and Blue!

    2019 March 1

        Click here or scroll down to see photos recently found, of a fantastic sunrise on January 7th, 2015

        Click here or scroll down to see a photo of Rhoda at one of "the world's most romantic restaurants"

    2019 February 14

        Rhoda and her Valentine present

    2019 February 2

        Preferred means of tranportation - 2019

        Preferred means of tranportation - 1987

    2018 November 11 - At the South Carolina Breakfast Club fly-in at Bishopville Airport, SC, wearing our SCBC caps


    2018 September 1 - Fortune magazine gets it:   MAGA makes possible Make the World Great Again.


    2018 August 3-4

    Montreal, Quebec

    2018 July 27 - August 1

    Chebeague Island, Maine

    2018 June 21

    Hendersonville, North Carolina

    2017 October 18

        In Memoriam             Joan Crosby             17 January 1927 - 18 October 2017  

    2017 September 29 - Sunrise in Greenville, South Carolina

    2017 August 11-17 - Canada Via Rail trip

        2017 August 11 - flight from Greer, SC to LaGuardia, NY
        2017 August 11 - flight from LaGuardia, NY to Toronto, Ontario
        2017 August 11 - Toronto
        2017 August 12 - Toronto
        2017 August 13 - Ontario
        2017 August 14 - Winnipeg Manitoba
        2017 August 15 - Saskatchewan Alberta BC
        2017 August 16 - BC Vancouver
        2017 August 17 - flight from Vancouver to Toronto
        2017 August 17 - flight from Toronto to LaGuardia
        2017 August 17 - flight from LaGuardia to Greer

    2017 July 17 - Rhoda at the Passerelle Bistro, Greenville, South Carolina - one of the world's most romantic restaurants


    2017 June 24-28 - Visit to Iowa

        2017 June 24 - flight from South Carolina to Iowa (refueled in Peoria, Illinois)
        2017 June 26 - The Mississippi River area between McGregor and Lansing, Iowa, and Wisconsin
        2017 June 27 - The Biley clocks, in Spillville, Iowa     ...     and see Rhoda in jail!
        2017 June 27 - World's smallest church, near Festina, Iowa
        2017 June 28 - flight from Iowa to South Carolina (refueled in Quincy, Illinois)

    2017 May 27

        NASA Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama

    2017 January 7

A 90th Birthday Party Celebration

    2016 July 1-3 - Visit to West Virginia and North Carolina

2016 July 1 - Cass Scenic Railroad, Cass, West Virginia

2016 July 2 - Reynolda House, Salem, North Carolina

2016 July 3 - Old Salem, North Carolina

    2016 May 28 - Great Smoky Mountains Railway, Bryson City, North Carolina


    2015 April 11 - Mauldin Spring Fling Auto Show


    2015 January 7 - Sunrise in Greenville, South Carolina

                Looking like all Hell is unleashed, and is roiling the very skies!

                A crashing wave follows behind the tumult of the initial onrush!

    2014 October 19 - Greenville Polo Classic


    2014 June 21-29 - Trip to Washington, DC, and Chebeague Island, Maine

2014 June 21-29 - DC & Maine flights

2014 June 21 - Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum near Dulles Airport

2014 June 22 - National Art Gallery

2014 June 22 - DC Mall area

2014 June 22 - Korean War Memorial - haunting and unforgettable

2014 June 23 - Museum of Natural History

2014 June 23 - Museum of American History

2014 June 25-29 - Chebeague Island

    2013 August 28 - September 2 - Decorah, Iowa


    2013 June 23-30 - Alaska Inside Passage


    2012 September 3 - Atlanta Aquarium


    2011 December 25 - Family Portrait


    2010 June 26 to July 9 - Southwest Trip - Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona


    2008 May 10 - Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Garden, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

See the Brookgreen Gardens website for more information.

No relation to me ...

    2007 July 4-11 - Southwest Colorado - Telluride, Ouray, Durango, Silverton


    2006 August 30 - Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Garden, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

See the Brookgreen Gardens website for more information.

This was the front of our Christmas card for 2006


    2004 July 23 Deer Point, Chebeague Island, Maine - from our 2004 Christmas card

    1976 September - East Broad Top RR, CP 972, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

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    Other photos and videos we like, taken by someone else

click here for photos of us or taken by us.

17 September 2023

Policeman (Tribute to our Police Officers) – by Paul Harvey

21 March 2023

Jeremy's Razors

17 June 2022

"Great Balls of Fire" from Top Gun:  Maverick

Top Gun Theme Song

11 March 2022

Best Budweiser Clydesdales Commercials

Banned Budweiser Light Commercial

2 February 2022

In the Home of the Brave, Down Never Means Out

    17 December 2021

Dolphin Swims Up to Diver for Help

    5 December 2021

Budweiser Clydesdales

    5 November 2021

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

    8 October 2021

Giant whale surprises paddle boarder with friendly nudge

    20 September 2021

Incredible Bobcat long jump

    20 July 2021

Flash Mob in Spain plays Ravel's Bolero

Flash Mob in Spain plays Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

    8 March 2021

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission Real-time Tracker

    4 November 2020

    19 August 2020

See a haunting, revealing look at conditions in the City of Baltimore, Maryland

    20 July 2020

    3 July 2020

Video – South Carolina osprey catches a Spanish Mackerel

    30 May 2020

Girls in Windows, by Ormond Gigli, taken in 1960

A train carved from the tip of a pencil by artist Cindy Chinn

    20 May 2020

"Competitive Foursome"

From D Strict Holdings, South Korea  ...

    17 May 2020

The amazing backyard railroad of Jim Sabin

Union Pacific's Great Race to Ogden

As part of Union Pacific's celebration of the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad completion, the newly restored Big Boy No. 4014 met No. 844 in Ogden as a ceremonial golden spike was tapped on May 9, 2019.

    17 April 2020

Hall of Mirrors? Err, Doors?

    15 April 2020 - updated 3 November 2020

Norfolk Southern Still Evolving 1989 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern Metamorphosis 1991 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern Chasm 2001 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern Weathervane 2003? TV commercial

Norfolk Southern Tree 2006 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern Lonely Gallon 2007 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern Power of the Thoroughbred 2008 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern City of Possibilities 2012 TV commercial

Norfolk Southern What's Your Function? 2013 TV commercial

Alka Seltzer made a hilarious and unforgettable 1970 TV commercial, set in a prison ...

    12 April 2020

Norfolk Southern locomotive in full autumn colors

    1 March 2020

Mosasaurus eats Great White Shark

    24 February 2020

Four Ladies and a Tiger

    1 February 2020

The 1963 Chrysler Turbine car

    27 January 2020

    A cool stairway

    21 January 2020

    21 January 2020

    40-ton whale jumps completely out of the water

    2020 January 4

The interesting tale of Portugal's inverted tower of the Knights Templar, in Sintra's Quinta da Regaleira.

    2019 August 30

Union Pacific's great 4-8-8-4 Big Boy is back in action!

    2019 February 23

    1953 Bensport La Sarthe - based on a Bentley R-Type Continental chassis also see more here and here

    22 January 1984

Apple Computer's iconic Macintosh "1984" TV commercial

    2019 January 13

        Think you have it rough?   -   See these photos from history.

    1945 September 2

    Newsreel video of the surrender of Imperial Japan on the battleship USS Missouri


The School of Athens, by Raphael

The School of Athens was painted in 1510, on a wall in the Pope's personal apartments in the Vatican, soon after the use of perspective was invented.  The use of perspective is clearly central to the representation of the painting's theme.

Most notably, Plato and Aristotle are at the painting's center, as founders of the two primary systems of philosphical thought.

Plato, 428 BC - 328 BC, taught that reality was elsewhere, beyond this world, represented in the painting by his hand pointing upwards, and that this world is only a poor reflection.  Learning, he said, occurs through revelations about that reality.  Plato was the first to systematize philosophy.

Religion is inherently Platonic, and Christian doctrine in particular is heavily influenced by Plato.

Aristotle, 384 BC - 322 BC, taught that this world is itself reality, represented by his hand held forward, with palm downward, towards the Earth.  Learning occurs through evidence, study, and rational thought.  Aristotle was the second to put forward a systematic philosophy.

The sciences, technology, and all that makes up our modern way of life, in contrast to Plato, are directly descended from Aristotle's works.  Although there were natural philosophers prior to Aristotle, his writings were far more comprehensive, and are the predominant foundation for all of the scientific advances made since the Renaissance.

In fact, it can be argued that the Renaissance itself (~1300-1600) resulted from the introduction of Aristotle's writings (most of which had been thought to be lost) into Europe, brought there from Moslem libraries and from the Byzantine Empire, primarily during the period 1000-1215, and rationalized with Christianity by Thomas Aquinas about 1275.

Aristotle's works had been absent in the European part of the Roman Empire, and did not survive Rome's fall in 476.  The only works of Aristotle known and taught during Europe's Dark Ages were those translated from the Greek into Latin by Boethius, 477 AD - 524 AD:  Categories, On Interpretation, Prior Analytics, Topics, and Sophistical Refutations – about 16% of the total.

The introduction of the "rediscovered" writings of Aristotle into Europe was the central spark that ignited the transition from beliefs in revelation, the hallmark of the Dark Ages, to reasoned, reality-based thought, and the scientific principles of causality and logic, the hallmark of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

The works of Aristotle and the other natural philosophers of Classical Greece had been preserved and studied by the Moslems from about 760, sparking the Islamic Golden Age.  That came to an end with its total destruction in 1258 by the Mongol invasion, after which the Islamic world sank into its own anti-reason, revelation-based dark ages of savagery and barbarism.  It has remained in that state to the present day, except in those locales which have been influenced to various degrees by the reintroduction of rational thought imported from "Western" culture.

Other notables pictured include Hypatia of Alexandria, c.355 AD - 415 AD, in the white robe at lower left, the last natural philosopher at the very end of the Classical period, and even more incredibly, given the mores of that time, a woman.  Hypatia was, in fact, murdered by a Christian mob; her dedication to science and her position as a teacher to males were considered heresy – both were expressly forbidden by the Bible.  Hypatia taught at the famous Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed at about the same time, probably for the same reasons; see the movie Agora.

Immediately in front of and below her, holding a writing slate, is Archimedes, 287 BC - 212 BC, the greatest Mathemtician of the Classical period, and credited by Galileo, 1564-1642, and Newton, 1643-1727, as the foundation for their own mathematical achievements, after interest in science was restored and scientific progress began to reemerge and resume during the later part of the Renaissance period – in spite of Christian persecution of Galileo and a number of others.

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