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Aviation Weather
General Aviation's Weather Center - Pilot Information


Convective SigMets, Icing Levels, Airport Conditions, Sky Cover, Visibility,
IFR / Mountain Obscuration, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, Turbulence

Menu for this webpage:
    Airport Weather
    Convective Sigmets
    Surface Winds
    Icing Levels
    Sky Cover
    Visibility and Airport Conditions
    Relative Humidity
    Dew Point
    NOAA Advisory Chart

Click on a chart to see the full website

                See also our webpage Skew-T Log-P Charts.

National Weather Service weather charts

NOAA Links:
    Aviation Weather
    Ceilings and Visibility
    Storm Prediction Center
        (see Categorical Outlook on right for expected activity)
    GOES Skew-T Soundings
        Click here for a good description of Skew-T-graphic plotting.

Canadian Weather Links:
    Canadian Aviation Weather
    Canadian Surface Analysis Charts

FAA Links:
    Pilot's Guide To Preflight Weather Planning
    ASOS, AWOS Ground Weather Observation Stations
    Flight Plan Filing, other pilot info
    FSDO - Columbia, SC
    FAA's Online Resources for Pilots

Airport Weather

If there is an airport you would like to see listed, email your request here.

For immediate access to the weather for an airport not listed, click here.

PDK Atlanta        
PIA Peoria        
DEH Decorah        
North Carolina        
RUQ Salisbury        
PWM Portland        
RDG Reading        
South Carolina        
AIK Aiken  
AND Anderson  
BNL Barnwell  
BBP Bennettsville  
CDN Camden  
CHS Charleston  
CQW Cheraw  
DCM Chester  
CAE Columbia Metro  
CUB Columbia Owens  
UDG Darlington  
FLO Florence  
GGE Georgetown  
GYH Greenville Donaldson  
GMU Greenville Municipal  
GRD Greenwood  
GSP Greer  
HVS Harstville  
HXD Hilton Head  
LUX Laurens  
MKS Moncks Corner  
LRO Mt. Pleasant  
MYR Myrtle Beach  
EOE Newberry  
CRE North Myrtle Beach  
CEU Oconee  
OGB Orangeburg  
LQK Pickens  
UZA Rock Hill  
SPA Spartanburg  
SMS Sumter  
RBW Walterboro  
FDW Winnsboro  

South Dakota        
RAP Rapid City        

Convective Sigmets




Surface Winds

Icing Levels

Also available:   U.S. Government Aviation Weather Icing Levels

Sky Cover

Visibility and Airport Conditions - click here

Relative Humidity


Dew Point

NOAA weather advisory chart (click on chart to see color codes)

In aviation, the Richardson number is used as a rough measure of expected air turbulence. A lower value indicates a higher degree of turbulence. Values in the range 10 to 0.1 are typical, with values below unity indicating significant turbulence.
- from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richardson_number

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