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27 January 2021

Biden chooses Paris Accords, loss of jobs

27 January 2020

Trump impeachment DOA at Senate

26 January 2021

McConnell, Schumer agree;
Senate moves ahead

25 January 2021

Biden's sneak attack
on firearms industry

24 January 2020

S.C. Breakfast Club
on Savannah News

23 January 2021

Lift restrictions now that Trump is gone?

23 January 2021

What is Rumble?

22 January 2020

Recovery from Little Ice Age continues in 2020!

21 January 2021

Georgia voters lied to:
Dems' $2,000? only $1,400

21 January 2021

Biden's first actions
as President

19 January 2020

We Could Be Vaccinating Twice as Fast

17 January 2021

NRA ditching New York for Texas

16 January 2020

J&J one-shot vaccine
in March; 1 bln in 2021

16 January 2021

Big Tech censorship
Mailchimp vs. 2A group

13 January 2021

Parler sues Amazon for breach of contract

12 January 2021

Record gun sales
for December and for 2020

11 January 2021

Inciting riots?
Democrats are the Pros

11 January 2020
Silicon Valley
internal civil war

11 January 2020
Limbaugh Bongino Levin
leaving Twitter

11 January 2021

US Intels slant report
to oppose President

11 January 2020
Chinese Army cash cow for American colleges

11 January 2020

Communication restrictions with Taiwan ended

10 January 2021

The "Virtue" of
the New Totalitarians

10 January 2021

Big Tech censorship
Amazon kills Parler

10 January 2021

Gab's statement on
Apple Google tyranny

10 January 2021

Fossil Men a great book

9 January 2021

President, but not CCP, banned from Twitter

9 January 2020

Vaccine thrown out due to govt mismanagement

9 January 2021

"Democratic Party is sowing division and hate"

9 January 2020

Nikki Haley:  Socialism is a "dangerous ideology"

7 January 2021

Trump urges healing, reconciliation after riot

6 January 2021

Prostate Cancer breakthrough

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            "Poverty has no causes.  Only prosperity has causes."     Jane Jacobs
That cause is Freedom, which makes possible economic development.  With oppression you get poverty.  Socialism does that.
Freedom has causes
Freedom requires Self-government "government of the people, by the people, for the people", the Rule of Law, a Government limited by a Constitution beyond its power to change, with that Constitution designed to protect Individual Rights.
All else democracy, socialism, dictatorship by any name, anarchy, riots brings destruction and misery.
Without America, there is no Free World


"To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege
that was ever accorded to the human race."
Calvin Coolidge


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19 January 2020

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19 January 2020

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25 January 2021

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9 January 2020


8 January 2020

Let's Go Fly!

25 January 2021

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22 December 2020

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Other News Headlines from the Past Month

3 January 2020

Congresswoman demands 2A Rights in Capitol

2 January 2020

Senators to demand election audit

2 January 2020

ANTIFA riots - "some want to see world burn"

2 January 2020

McConnell and Pelosi
homes both vandalized


1 January 2020
Did China buy the Election?

1 January 2020

Rep. Cawthorn "GOP is the Party of Freedom"

30 December 2020

Most notable 2020 election battles

30 December 2020

Sen. Hawley to object to Biden Electoral win


30 December 2020
Bribery conviction of H Biden associate upheld

29 December 2020
Court Overrules NY Governor's Restrictions

Inconvenient Truths
About Democratic Party

29 December 2020


29 December 2020

Gallup:  Pres, First Lady most-admired in 2020

27 December 2020

Instant Immunity Injection Against COVID-19

27 December 2020

Razor-thin path to Speaker for Pelosi

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