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Liberty, and the Freedom – the Right of the Individual to his actions
– even in the face of a democratic majority vote
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The Latest Headlines

24 January 2022

Coming soon

21 January 2022

New stadium coming to

20 January 2022

Volcano eruption 400x 1945 Hiroshima A-bomb

18 January 2022
China's Xi asks Fed
not to hike interest rates

18 January 2022
L.A. thieves hit UP RR shipping containers

16 January 2022
Inflation on way up due to Biden's runaway spending

16 January 2022

Low-cost COVID detection device

15 January 2022
FedEx wants "Second Amendment" protection

13 January 2022  

Supreme Court stops
Biden vaccine mandate

13 January 2022
Biden "most divisive"
approval down to 33%

13 January 2022

Ingenuity flight 19
may have had a problem

13 January 2022

Red Giant Star first observed going Supernova

13 January 2022

James Webb Space Telescope fully deployed

13 January 2022
China to complete
space station in 2022

8 January 2022

Over half NY COVID hospitalizations not COVID

People moving to
'low-density' states

7 January 2022

6 January 2022

"No mask needed unless you look like Pelosi"

4 January 2022

YouTube censorship NO!
Rumble, Liberty Tree YES!

2 January 2022

Only N95 mask stops Omicron

1 January 2022

Germany shutting down nuclear power plants

31 December 2021

COVID Testing Counterproductive

31 December 2021

Business aircraft boom
due to pandemic

29 December 2021
Inflation to get worse

13 December 2021

Anti-COVID pills bad mix with some meds

26 December 2021

Orbital Reef to Develop New Space Station

25 December 2021

James Webb
Space Telescope launched

24 December 2021

Is Santa’s Sleigh Airworthy?

24 December 2021

How NORAD Tracks Santa’s Sleigh

21 December 2021

Our December articles in

20 December 2021

Ingenuity keeps going;
flight 18 a success

13 December 2021

Vaccination plus infection builds 'super immunity'

16 December 2021

Ingenuity's total flight time 30+ minutes

14 December 2021

120 Years
of Climate Scares

13 December 2021

Dem governor declares COVID-19 emergency over

10 December 2021

Technical specs and
flight log for Ingenuity

8 December 2021

Arctic warming worries
in 1922

5 December 2021

coldest 6 months ever

23 November 2021

Our November articles in

"America Through a Refugee’s Eyes"

News Worth Reporting

24 January 2022

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Political Cartoons

13 January 2022

Science Tech Medical News

20 January 2022

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14 December 2021

News from Europe

1 January 2022

Socialism News

4 October 2021

Capitalism is Economic Freedom
The Markets

Socialism always ends in failure.
The desire to control the lives of others,
or even to think you are capable
of doing better than they, is
the most destructive prejudice. .

Socialism is about turning your freedom over to the people in the government;
to people who are not as good as you.
Is that really what you want to do?

Second Amendment News

Because nobody
has the right to take them.

15 December 2021

Great Quotes

14 January 2022


16 September 2021

            "Poverty has no causes.  Only prosperity has causes."   –   Jane Jacobs
Prosperity requires Freedom:  The degree of economic growth and prosperity is proportional to the degree of Freedom.
Freedom requires
self-government and the rule of law – a "government of the people, by the people, for the people", a Republic with a Constitution above the government and the people, to protect Individual Rights by limiting power.  To endure, Freedom also requires a good education, administered by the people, not the government.
"To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race."  –  President Calvin Coolidge.
See  The Foundations of Freedom  to learn more about Freedom's building blocks.    

Let's Go Fly!

9 January 2022

Aviation News
31 December 2021

Flying on Mars
The Mars Chronicles

13 January 2022


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27 December 2021

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17 December 2021

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23 November 2021

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