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13 October 2021

Our October articles in

12 October 2021

Asian spider here to stay in Georgia, South Carolina

9 October 2021

"Pushing America off a cliff"

7 October 2021

The Fake Biden Presidency

7 Octber 2021
Facebook has big problems

7 October 2021

Earth Past and Future

6 October 2021

Dems say muzzle parents, teach leftist agenda to kids

6 October 2021

Ingenuity 14th flight delayed for Conjunction

5 Octber 2021
Whistleblower likens Facebook to Big Tobacco

4 October 2021

Hyperinflation continues
in Socialist Venezuela

4 October 2021

Dems:  inflation, poverty, dictatorship in U.S.

4 October 2021
China knew of Wuhan virus 6 months prior

4 October 2021
Secret hideaways, money
of world leaders revealed

3 October 2021

Biden's horribly botched Afghanistan withdrawal

30 September 2021
Smith & Wesson leaves Taxachusetts for Tennessee

29 September 2021

Winter energy costs
huge increase due to Biden

27 September 2021

Our September articles in

26 September 2021
Biden family corruption and China

26 September 2021

Vaccine Mandates - Natural immunity just as good?

26 September 2021

Treatment for COVID
Monoclonal Antibodies

26 September 2021

German election: create
or redistribute wealth?

20 September 2021

Green energy
shutting down Europe

20 September 2021

Australia snubs French;
to use US submarines

20 September 2021

Taxes to go way up via Democrats' tax changes

17 September 2021

People flee Hong Kong as Chinese tyranny grows

17 September 2021

Facebook Secret Elite Exempt From Rules

16 September 2021

Heroes Nemeses
of the Left

15 September 2021

TRAITOR!  Joint Chiefs Chair General Milley

Joe Biden:

15 September 2021

14 September 2021
The Big Fraud
Biden the Puppet

            "Poverty has no causes.  Only prosperity has causes."     Jane Jacobs
That cause is Freedom.  The degree of economic growth and prosperity is proportional to the degree of Freedom.
Freedom works, but Freedom has causes.
Freedom requires self-government "government of the people, by the people, for the people", a Republic with a Constitution, above the government and the people, to protect Individual Rights by limiting power.
Freedom, to endure, requires a good education:
whoever controls education controls the future.
"To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race." President Calvin Coolidge.
See  The Foundations of Freedom  to learn more about Freedom's building blocks.    

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9 October 2021

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12 October 2021

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30 September 2021

News from Europe

26 September 2021

Socialism News

Socialism must be imposed:
forcing people vs. their freedom

4 October 2021

Political Cartoons

10 October 2021

Capitalism is Economic Freedom
The Markets

Socialism always ends in failure.
The desire to control the lives of others,
or even to think you are capable
of doing better than they, is
the most destructive prejudice. .

Socialism is about turning your freedom over to the people in the government;
to people who are not as good as you.
Is that really what you want to do?

Second Amendment News

30 September 2021

Great Quotes

13 October 2021


16 September 2021

Let's Go Fly!

10 October 2021

Aviation News
28 September 2021

South Carolina Breakfast Club
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7 September 2021

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8 October 2021

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13 October 2021

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  Thought for the Day:

"The cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind ... O ye that love mankind!  Ye that dare oppose, not only tyranny, but the tyrant, stand forth!"

  Thomas Paine   author of Common Sense, The Ameican Crisis, and Rights of Man.

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