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After retiring in 2019 from 45 years of a career in IT, I have begun a second career as a writer and author.  I have a proven record in technical writing, documentation, and training.  Since January of 2020 I have been writing news and commentary articles for newspaper publication.  I have been published in a nationally distributed magazine with about 600,000 readers.  I have two books published to date.  As a former City Councilman, IT professional, adjunct professor, and otherwise I have given numerous speeches and talks; I can help you prepare a speech or agenda.  I am looking for opportunities to further my new career and to be as successful as a writer and author as I was in my first career.  I have the breadth of experience and level of insight to figure out the best way to present subject matter to your audience, in the appropriate format, formal or informal, given the intended medium, whether it be books, newspapers, custom handouts, electronic media, or from the podium.  Contact me for your authoring and writing requirements.

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Articles and Stories about Flying

Articles in the Simpsonville Sentinel newspaper

Book:  From Savagery to Greatness

Book:  Techniques for the Operation of the Mind



Recent Speeches, Classes, and Presentations

Résumé Highlights


Articles by   Scott and Rhoda   for the

newspaper,   featuring

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 October 2023 issue — Coming soon!

Another Step Towards Freedom:  Anti-CCP Signs Come Down!

Rhoda’s Recipes – Spinach Dip

Investors Column – 2023 and the Stock Market

Finance – EPA vs You and Your Family

 September 2023 issue

On the Front Page! —
Over 30,000 people moving into Greenville County every year

Rhoda’s Recipes – Sherry Chicken in Sour Cream

Investors Column – Why do companies sell their stock?

Finance – Presidents' four-year rule

August 2023 issue

On the Front Page! —  Ever think about running for City Council?

Dinosaurs for Dinner

Rhoda’s Recipes – BBQ Short Ribs

Investors Column – Just Starting Out?

Finance – Bidenomics

July 2023 issue

On the Front Page! —  This Land is My Land, this Land is Your Land

You can also see this article on our webpage, Hymn to America.

Rhoda’s Recipes – Seven-layer Salad

Finance – Congress, the Spendthrift

Investors Column – Go Woke, Go Broke

June 2023 issue

Coptic? What’s That Mean?

Rhoda’s Recipes – Egyptian Golash

Finance – In Debt?  Cut Expenses!

Investors Column – Politics Trumps Economics

May 2023 issue

Be Glad We Do Not Live in a Democracy!

You can also see this article on our webpage, Not a Democracy.

Finance – Is the Recession On, or Not?

Rhoda’s Recipes – Ham and Yams

Investors Column – Protecting Your Wealth

April 2023 issue

Why Gun Laws Fail But Guns Work
  Note;  The article refers to charts, but the newspaper chose not to include them:

DGU graphic not found   Pct CCPs graphic not found

Rhoda's Recipes – Cream Cheese Brownie Bars

Finance – Putting Two and Two Together

Investors Column – The President’s Money-Losers

March 2023 issue

Kill a Dozen People?

Rhoda's Recipes – Baked Pork Chops with Gravy

Finance – It's All Up to Management

Investors Column – Why Be an Investor?

Febuary 2023 issue

On the Front Page! —  Report by S.C. House Speaker Murrell Smith

Rhoda's Recipes – Baked Mostaccioli with Sausage and Peppers

Finance – What’s Driving the Market?

Investors Column – Is the Market Going Up?

January 2023 issue

Banned! Censored!

Rhoda's Recipes – Spinach Salad

Finance – The Federal Reserve and the Economy

Investors Column – Should You Buy Into IPOs?

December 2022 issue

Greenville Is Building F-16s!

Rhoda's Recipes – Ham and Chicken Superb

Investors Column – Is Any Stock Worth Buying?

Finance – The World's Biggest Ponzi Scheme

November 2022 issue

The Best Music Around

Rhoda's Recipes – Chocolate Eclair Cake

Investors Column – Stocks to Consider

Finance – for You and Your Family, part 2

October 2022 issue

Travelogue – Finding America, part 3

Rhoda's Recipes – Swiss Bliss

Investors Column – Caution:  Probable Recession Ahead

Finance – for You and Your Family

September 2022 issue

Travelogue – Finding America, part 2

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Rhoda's Recipes – Apple Dumplings

Investors Column – Take Control of Your Retirement

Finance – When Government Disrupts the Economy

August 2022 issue

Travelogue – Finding America, part 1

Rhoda’s Recipes – Chicken 'n Cheese Enchiladas

Investors Column – Bear Bubble or Bull Recovery?

Finance – Politics:  Impacting the Economy

July 2022 issue

Independence Day!

Rhoda’s Recipes – Chocolate Mousse

Investors Column – Recession!  What Do I Do?

Finance – The Pursuit of Happiness

June 2022 issue

Rocket Attacks and Bursting Bombs

Rhoda’s Recipes – Stuffed Bacon Rolls

Investors Column – Investing by Age Group

Finance – Boomers and Millennials

May 2022 issue

Rhoda’s Recipes – French Quarter Cheese Spread

Investors Column – Review of the Basics

Finance – What Is Profit?

Like Mother, Like Son

Additionally, this month's Sentinel includes an  article on the Gala fund-raiser  for the Mauldin Cultural Center (with a photo of Rhoda and Scott), and an accompanying article by Scott,  as the President of the Mauldin Cultural Council, about the Cultural Center's new lobby.

April 2022 issue

Rhoda’s Recipes – Shrimp Creole with Cheese Rice

Investors Column – Everyone Is Doing It

Finance – How to Cause Inflation

Why CRT and Woke Are Bad for You
  Note;  The article refers to a leaflet, but the newspaper chose not to include it.
  To read the leaflet, click here or on the pages at right.

March 2022 issue

Day Trips

Investors Column – Recessions and You

Finance – Lies, Worse Lies, and Statistics

Rhoda’s Recipes – Macaroni and Cheese

Additionally, as the Chair of the Sheriff's Community Relations Council, Scott is quoted in the article,   Greenville County Community Relations Council meets at LEC.

February 2022 issue

Driving 201 – Beyond Getting a Driver’s License

Investors Column – Recession … and P/E

Finance – Politics Trumps Economics, Again

Rhoda’s Recipes – Chicken Puff

January 2022 issue

Valentine’s Day Is Just Around the Corner

Rhoda’s Recipes – Chocolate Delight

Investors Column – Don’t Take Anyone’s Word for It

Finance – What’s In Store For 2022?

December 2021 issue

Rhoda’s Recipes – Chile con Carne

Investors Column – Brokers’ Stock Ratings

Finance – How Badly Can the Government Screw Up?

November 2021 issue

America Through a Refugee’s Eyes

Rhoda's Recipes – Bourbon Sweet Potatoes

Finance – On a Roll for Now!

Investors Column – Tracking Your Stocks

  This article includes a Portfolio-tracking sample spreadsheet
  you can download to study and modify for your own use (directions included).

October 2021 issue

On the Front Page! —  Simpsonville City Council Candidates

On Page 3 —  Fountain Inn City Council Candidates

Rhoda’s Recipes – Chicken Roll-Ups

Investor's Column – Is the Bloom Off the Rose?

Finance – Fleeing Hong Kong

September 2021 issue

Mauldin City Council Candidates

Rhoda’s Recipes – Carrot Cake

Investor's Column – Market, Limit, and Stop; Margin; IPOs

Finance – It’s the Economy, Stupid

August 2021 issue

Wings of the City

Rhoda’s Recipes – Hawaiian Beef Loaves

Investor's Column – Investment Strategies and Techniques

Finance – Inflation:  How Much? For How Long?

July 2021 issue

Lives Don't Matter to Marxists

Rhoda’s Recipes – German Potato Salad

Investor's Column – Company Takeover

Finance – Taxes Destroy

Additionally, as President of the Mauldin Cultural Council, Scott is quoted in the article,   Mauldin Cultural Center annual fundraiser… a huge success.

June 2021 issue

Let’s Go Flying – On Mars!

Rhoda’s Recipes – Best Ever Cheese Cake

Investor's Column – What are Mutual Funds?

Finance – What is Stagflation?

May 2021 issue

Mauldin Goals and Budget for 2021-22

Rhoda’s Recipes – Ritz Chicken

Investor's Column – Investment Strategies and Goals

Finance – Teach Your Kids Finance

April 2021 issue

The Play’s the Thing! … Strike Up the Band!

Rhoda’s Recipes – Layered Taco Dip

Investors’ Column – Politics Trumps Economics

Finance – What Is Wealth?

March 2021 issue

Groundbreaking Held for New Mauldin ALDI Discount Supermarket

Rhoda’s Recipes – Mom Crosby’s Butter Cookies

Investors’ Column… Taxes and Other Things

Finance – Solving Too Much Debt

February 2021 issue

Welcome to the Reedy River Missionary Baptist Church!

Presidents’ Day – Remembering the Baby-Boomers’ Presidents

Investors’ Column – What Stocks Should I Buy?

Finance – As Goes January ...

  January 2021 issue

Education – The Missing Link of American Freedom

Investers' Column – Getting Started

  December 2020 issue

The Earth is Getting Greener!

  November 2020 issue

DOT Yields to Historic Mauldin Landmark

Editorial – “Standing Up for the Constitution and Freedom Is Work That Lies Ahead for All Americans.”

  October 2020 issue

Economic Arteries

  September 2020 issue

The Mauldin Art Trail continues to expand

  August 2020 issue

It's the American Way

What Should You Do If a Protest March Came Down Your Street?

  July 2020 issue

What They Didn’t Teach You About Slavery and Racism in School

  June 2020 issue

Mauldin City Center – What’s Going On?

Let’s Spend a Day at the Beach!

  May 2020 issue

It’s Budget Time for the City of Mauldin

  April 2020 issue

Mauldin, South Carolina, and the Coronavirus

  March 2020 issue

Mauldin Traffic – SCDOT's Way, or Our Way?

  February 2020 issue

Mauldin’s City Center. . . What Is It?

Scott's latest book:  From Savagery to Greatness – Stair-steps to Humanity


From Savagery to Greatness — Stair-steps to Humanity
presents a history of humanity from its origins in prehistoric times.  It begins with humanity's earliest ancestors about 5,000,000 years ago, and follows humanity's progress down through historic times, to the present day.

The book focuses on explaining evolution generally, and in particular the mental evolution of Homo Sapiens and of its ancestral species, away from animal instinct and towards the ability to think and reason. The book describes each stair-step forward – as well as the regressive steps backwards to a more barbaric and even primitive existence.

The book also recounts the many migrations which pushed humankind's spread across the continents of the world, and what drove those migrations; a fascinating story in itself.

That fascinating history also includes the context of the continual climate changes which have not only been an ever-present factor, but which have had a significant and substantial impact on our ancestors’ evolution and migration. Climate changes have often been the driving causes of evolution.  This book strives to describe that impact and relationship in a clear, easily-read, and easily-understood perspective.

The stair-steps to humanity presented in the book include the identification of humanity’s key achievements, as well as its stumbles backwards, as cultures and civilizations have risen and fallen from prehistoric times down to the present day.

From Savagery to Greatness is unique in its identification of the stair-steps of mental evolution, and in putting that in a combined perspective with prehistoric and historic physical and social evolution.

From Savagery to Greatness is intended as an easy-to-read book for anyone interested in a comprehensive overview of our past.  No special knowledge is needed, beyond an interest in knowing our beginnings, our history, and what drove it.

Easy-to-understand explanations are included throughout its 130 pages, along with pictures, illustrations, an easy-to-follow timeline chart, an index, and a bibliography.

The intent was to make this book a real page-turner, as intriguing as a good mystery novel. But this is real-life. This is what happened, and why. More than once our ancestors were on the brink of extinction. The plot is complex and improbable, but not impossible, or we would not be here.

Don't miss the ultimate success story!

        Buy the book here                 Buy the Kindle version here        
Front-cover artwork by Scott's wife Rhoda  
        Buy the book here                 Buy the Kindle version here        

published November 2019

When it comes to thinking, Scott wrote the book.

        Buy the book here                 Buy the Kindle version here        
        Buy the book here                 Buy the Kindle version here        

published May 2018

Let's Go Fly! – Scott's experiences as a pilot

Generations is the story of how Scott's mother, once a pilot herself, learns that he has become a pilot — and takes her first flight in 40 years.

The story appeared in the November 1998 issue of AOPA Pilot, the monthly magazine published by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, with more than 600,000 members.

Read other flying stories by Scott, taken from more than thirty-five years and 2,600+ hours logged piloting his airplanes.


Finding America — 6,641.1 miles around the country through 21 states in 25 days
  7-31 July 2022

The Historic Depot Museum, in Rushford, Minnesota
  12 July 2022

"Poetry should make you feel what is real."

Sea Smoke


Sunday Ride

If I Only Had a Plane

Recent Speeches, Classes, and Presentations

2022 November 13 – Charlotte Conference – "Climate, Chaos, and Politics"

2022 September 14 – Triple Tree Aerodrome – Annual Fly-In – Flying in Weather (PDF)

2022 March 5 – Political Luncheon – spotlight on specific local, state, national, and international political issues

2022 February 24 – Press conference held by Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis,
  announcing the formation of the Community Relations Council – Chairman's speech

2021 November 6 – Charlotte Conference – "Three Heroes – Archimedes, Hypatia, Boethius"
PowerPoint Slides (PDF) and Notes (PDF)

2021 October 10 – Greenville Tech Charter School – Careers in Aviation – Introduction to Navigation

2021 September 25 – Triple Tree Aerodrome – Annual Fly-In – Making Sense of the Weather (PDF)

2021 September 14 – Upstate Aviation Club – Weather Made Simple

2020 March 7 – Political Luncheon – The Foundations of Freedom

2019 November 16 – Charlotte Conference – "From Savagery to Greatness - Stair-steps to Humanity"
Class Outline (PDF), Presentation Slides (PDF), and Class Handout (PDF)
  Scott's book:  "From Savagery to Greatness - Stair-steps to Humanity"

2019 September 9 – First Monday Luncheon, Poinsett Club – Mauldin is Growing

2018 May 26 – Charlotte Conference – "Applied Epistemology" – Presentation Notes (PDF), Class Handout (PDF)
  Scott's book:  "Techniques for the Operation of the Mind"

2016 December 5 – First Monday Luncheon, Poinsett Club – The Presidential Election - What Happened?

Résumé – Career Highlights

1967-current – Writer and Author

2020-current – Finance Editor, Simpsonville Sentinel newspaper

2018 – first non-fiction book published: Techniques for the Operation of the Mind

1998 – first article published in nationally-distributed magazine: Generations

1986-current – Investor

2012-2019 – Councilman, City of Mauldin, two terms

Elected 2015 – Committee Chair, Public Safety
                        Committee member, Economic Development, Public Works

Elected 2011 – Committee Chair, Building and Zoning;
                        Committee member, Economic Development, Finance

1974-2019 – Project Management, employment interviews, performance evaluations;
                 Business Requirements Analysis;  Applications Systems Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance;
                 Data Requirements Analysis, Design, Maintenance;  Database Analysis, Design, Administration;
                 Technical Writing;  Training;  Computer Operations;  Quality Management and Process Improvement

Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Government;  SAP ABAP, DBA;  in-house and contract

1989-1993 – NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, supporting design phase for the International Space Station

1987 – U.S. Patent 5,113,493:  Full Speed Animation System for Low Speed Computers

1987-1989 – Adjunct Professor, Limestone College

1970-1974 – Bachelor of Science, Mathematics; Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; Dual Degree

1986-ongoing – Private pilot, IFR rated, 2,700+ flight hours logged; checked out in 5 aircraft types
                    Study of Meteorology, Weather, Climate
1976-ongoing – Study of Philosophy, History, Economics, Art
1962-ongoing – Study of Politics

Contact Scott  for your authoring and writing requirements.

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